Puddle of Goo

Is down for renovations. New layout coming soon! Until then, use the links below to navigate freely.

Spirit Keepers- The original series that put Goo on the map. Start from the beginning or catch up where you left off.
Monkey Business- The first and (so far) only shrine to Souma Ritsu from Fruits Basket. Stop by and show your monkey love!
Alias: Clayman- Shrine to the character Clayman from Get Backers. Warning: will contain spoilers for the anime series.
GooLee Dolls- Goo and Digilee's pixel doll adoption site. Stop by and adopt a doll, make a request, or enter our contest.
Warriors of Light- An RPG Goo and Mars are modding and playing in set in a universe parallel to our own. Involves ambient magic and Canada as a world superpower. Stop by and send us your application!
Mugenjyou Adoptions- Goo's Get Backers sprite adoption site based on graphics from the various Get Backers games. Adopt a retrieval agent (or friend or foe) of your very own!
Fanfiction- Goo's archive of fanfiction for a variety of anime series. Behold the twisted mind that is Goo.
AMVs- A collection of Anime Music Videos that Goo made when she was procrastinating feeling particularly creative. Download and enjoy them in all their anime-musicy-goodness!
Gifts- Gifts sent to Goo from all around. They didn't fit in anywhere else but were just too good not to put up.
Goo's Livejournal- The place to go to see Goo's scary ranting and latest story and doll creations.
Sarcasm and Randomness with Goo and Mars- A shared livejournal with Goo and her second in command, Mars. As the title implies, anything goes here as long as it is remotely humorous.
Updates- For updates regarding this site (keeping in mind SK, MB, AC, and GLD all have their own update sections) just check here.
E-mail Goo- Click the link to send Goo your questions, comments, or general flames about the site. Goo answers all mail that she recieves so don't be a stranger.