May 6, 2004

It's been far too long again. Sorry about disappearing, folks, but I have been under an unbelievable amount of stress and have been very busy. I posted some more GB character bios (including two from my latest fic), and a new fic called Totsuzen. And I took down my bio on the homepage pending updating. I am also making an AMV FAQ (I don't believe I updated that I added a Trigun AMV), so look for that soon. Note: the FAQ is not about how to make AMVs. I have a tutorial for that. The FAQ describes the how and why behind my various AMVs. I also changed the URL to my LJ since I got a new one.

February 22, 2004

Whoa, it's been a while. I've been in a major dry spell lately and it really sucks. I posted the epilogue for Wilhelm's Manuscript and a Kagami x Himiko fic, though. Hopefully that's enough for a little while. ^_^;

December 29, 2003

Sorry I haven't been very active around here during the Holidays. I'll make updating more a New Year's Resolution for me, but don't expect to see me around until after the New Year. Anyway, updated quite a few things in the AMV section, includind adding a tutorial and three, count'em, three new AMVs. Enjoy!

November 6, 2003

First chapter of the Committee is up. I am adding bios on and off all tonight and tomorrow, so keep hitting refresh every once in a while to see a new one. (Unless, of course, you are seeing this after I am finished adding bios.)

September 30, 2003

And the last chapter of Wilhelm's Manuscript is done! I'll get the HoG bios done before I start the fic (hopefully).

September 26, 2003

Added a section for gifts to the home page for things that people send to me that don't really fit into any other catagory but are just too good not to put up.

September 12, 2003

Added second to the last chapter of "Wilhelm's Manuscript". If you haven't noticed, I don't put updates about SK, AC, or MB here. You have to visit their respective pages for that. And in other news, I am going to be a guest at PortConMaine2004! Visit their site for details of where and when you can punch me in the face!

August 16, 2003

Added new chapter of "Wilhelm's Manuscript" in the fic section.

August 12, 2003

Added a section on my Get Backers original characters to the fic section.

August 10, 2003

Added new chapter to "Wilhelm's Manuscript" in the fics.