1. Play nice. No flaming or trash talking.

2. No Mary Sues. We'll allow pretty much anyone into the game as long as your character is relatively well-thought out, but we don't want a character that is too powerful/ too perfect.

3. Mage characters must be thirty or younger.

4. No two mages can have the same power, although some powers may be similar or relate.

5. Keep posts in good taste. In other words, keep your swearing to a minimum, keep any citrus flavor relatively minimal. That being said, both Goo and I are bisexual, so gay characters are allowed and even encouraged. *wink wink* If you don't like that, I suggest you go somewhere else to play.

6. It's not that we don't like some countries, it's just that we don't have time to sit down and write what happened to them all. Make it up, or if in doubt- ask. As the RPG develops, I will update the history page as players decide what's happened to various countries. Canada in 2055 has become very multicultural, so characters from all over the place are encouraged.

7. On the message board, please create a separate name for each character you are playing, with that character's given name somewhere in your username.

The Application can be accessed by clicking on "application" in the right frame and then clicking on the ! after "onward ho". Thank you for reading the rules.