The game takes place in a universe much like ours where ambient magic is the next step in human evolution. Ambient magic is magic that works through everyday things- music, cooking, sewing, plants, the elements- almost anything that can be thought of. Because of this wave of evolution, no mage has been found over the age of 30.
The game takes place in Vancouver, Canada in the year 2055. Canada has replaced the US as the world's superpower, and with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1980's, Spain has risen to become the rival of Canada (more of this can be found in the history section).
There are several factions of mages in the world, and because like calls to like or because of some mental connection that has yet to be discovered, these mages are flocking to Madrid and Vancouver. There are those mages who work for the Spanish and Canadian governments; there are those who are neutral; and there are those who use their powers for more personal purposes, both good and evil.
The game focuses on a group of vigilante mages in the city of Vancouver. They are a very cloak-and-dagger group calling themselves the "warriors of light". However, there are plenty of other characters that will interact in the RPG: the aforementioned factions of mages; scientists studying the ambient magics; friends of ambient mages; government workers; spies...
Compulsory education is through age 16, which is when secondary education ends; College attendance is low. At age 16, people become adults and usually move out on their own. Some mages attend highly competitive schools to hone their powers, the education at which lasts a year. These schools are usually nothing more than a cut-throat environment where students learn to hone their powers by fighting other students for food, grades, etc. These schools are doubly dangerous, since most graduates are hired for shady jobs. There are a few exceptions, including Vancouver Ambient Magic University. This university puts out many mages who then go on to work for the government, police force, and other top-notch jobs.