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I'll Stand By You

Written by A Girl Named Goo

"Don't just stand over there, silly!" Kagura said, grabbing her companion's hand and dragging him over to the futon. "How am I supposed to do anything when you're all the way on the other side of the room?"

The tall young man blushed deeply, whispering "gomen nasai" softly. Kagura just giggled. When it didn't get out of control, Ritsu's lack of self-confidence could be quite endearing. Of course, she was probaby the only one who saw the shy young man's apologetic nature as a charming quality. But then, being able to look past or even love his "bad" qualities is what made them such good friends.

Kagura pulled Ritsu down onto his futon, giggling again at the surprised squeaking sound he made as she did. She pushed aside his honey colored hair and kissed his cheek. "Don't be so nervous. You'll like this," she reassured, reaching down to work the belt buckle of his pants. She'd been rather surprised when he'd answered the door of his apartment wearing men's clothes when she showed up. Of everyone who had ever seen Ritsu wear a dress, Kagura was probably the one most likely to accept it. She had been the first to see him dressed as a girl, after all...

"I'm sorry, Kagura-chan," Ritsu said again, looked down at her hand as it worked off his belt. "I...I've never done this before."

"Of course you haven't! You wouldn't be acting so silly tonight if you had," Kagura agreed with a serious nod, finally tossing the belt aside. The only light in the room came from the full moon hanging outside, casting everything in silvery light and intimate shadows.

The energetic brunette almost began to unbutton the timid monkey's pants, but changed her mind, instead pulling his shirt out from where it was tucked into his pants. He suddenly looked like he was swimming in the sky blue dress shirt afterwards, and she smiled and reached up, gently guiding Ritsu's gaze away from where her hands were working and turning his face to look at her. She smiled as gently as possible, moving her hand to the back of his head and lowering it so that their lips met.

Kagura had known that Ritsu was a virgin. That was the main reason she was here this night. But she had no idea just how innocent he was until she started kissing him, feeling his entire body tighten in panic, his mouth stay firmly closed no matter how much her tongue tried to push it's way in. She had promised herself she'd be slow and patient for her old friend's sake this evening, but this would try anyone's patience. She pulled away, making sure she was out of his face before heaving an exhasperated sigh. "You're going to have to work with me here," she said, her tone a bit more firm than she would have liked. Oh well. Self-control had never been one of her strong qualities.

"Of course, Kagura-chan," Ritsu said quickly, the blush returning to his cheeks and his large brown eyes quickly turning to look away from her's. "I'm so sorry. I'll try harder."

Deciding to take his word for it, the boar of the Juunishi lost the finesse she'd had moments earlier and forced his mouth back to her's once more. She could feel panic again, and hoped for his sake it would pass. She honestly thought she'd lose her patience completely if he couldn't even manage such a simple thing as kissing her. But, much to her own relief, he relaxed, and even parted his lips for her.

Kagura was a little more forceful than she should have been, her tounge searching and exploring forcefully while Ritsu was perfectly still, not sure what else to do. He'd never been kissed like this before. The only kisses he'd ever had were the innocent ones on the top of his head or on his cheek that his mother gave him in lieu of holding him and the sweet, chaste ones on the lips he and Kagura had sometimes exchanged. Nothing like this. It frightened him, both the actual sensation of Kagura's tongue in his mouth and the panicked realization that he didn't have a clue what to do next.

Unconsciously, he brushed his tongue against her's. She shivered slightly and smiled against his lips. Was that what he was supposed to do? Curious, Ritsu brushed his tongue against Kagura's again. No, still no objection. He continued to explore, running his tongue down her's, tracing it back to it's source in her mouth, mimicking her movements, slowly, timidly, still not sure what he was doing was right.

Just as the monkey was starting to get the hang of the kiss, he was horrified to realize he had to pull away, lest he suffocate. As his lip's left his companions, as he gasped for air, he choked out hurried apologisies, sure he'd done something wrong.

"Don't be sorry," Kagura told him, gently, in a tone of voice that few got to hear from the boar. "You got it. You just have to learn to breathe."

"I'm so- okay," Ritsu choked out, catching himself. Apologies were automatic now, a kind of catch-all response to everything he was asked or told. Sometimes he forgot it wasn't the appropriate response to everything.

Kagura giggled and embraced Ritsu tightly. "You can be so cute sometimes!" she told him cheerfully. He stiffened again momentarily, and relaxed again. That was an automatic reaction when anyone held him, especially a girl, even if the person embracing him wouldn't make him transform. He'd just barely relaxed into the embrace when he realized Kagura's fingers were already at work, deftly unbuttoning his shirt.

"K-Kagura-chan..." Ritsu stammered, reaching to close his shirt again only to have his hand batted away.

"You don't honestly expect to do this with you're clothes on, do you?" Kagura asked him, though her voice was light, almost joking. "You really are an innocent. First you think you can do it with us on opposite sides of the room, and then you think we can do it with our clothes on. Which I guess would have been possible, if you'd worn a dress instead. Why didn't you wear a dress, anyway?"

Ritsu turned his head away again, unable to blush any more than he already was. "I thought....thought that since we were going to be....doing that....you'd want me to look like a man. I'm sorry."

"You should be sorry," Kagura told him with a nod, pushing his shirt away and holding up his arms so he could get them out of the sleeves.

"Really?!" Ritsu asked, panic dripping from that one word and he looked at her fearfully.

"Yes," the brunette confirmed. "You should know by now that I like you in a dress. I liked you in a dress before you liked you in a dress. So don't change for me. Not unless I tell you. Okay?"

"Of course, Kagura-chan," Ritsu said quickly, realizing for the first time since Kagura had removed his shirt that it was gone and covering himself quickly with his arms.

"Good. Now, are you going to take off your pants or do I have to?"


"We just talked about this! You can't do this with your clothes on! Now, take them off!"

"Yes! Right away! I'm sorry!"

Ritsu quickly stood and shed his pants, not wanting to incite his friend's wrath. Bad things happened when Kagura got angry. And Ritsu had a rather low tolerance for pain.

"Underwear, too!" Kagura continued, her voice still dangerous.


He quickly removed his underwear and threw them into the heap where the rest of his clothes lay. Kagura looked at them and then crawled over to where they were resting, picking them up and giggling. "Tightie whities! What, no panties?"

"I only wear them with dresses," Ritsu told her, still sounding a little frightened as he curled up on his futon, trying to hide as much of his body as possible.

Kagura laughed then and dropped his underwear again. "I was only kidding! I didn't know you seriously wore ladies' underwear!"

"I-Is that bad?" the monkey asked shyly, still curled up into a tight ball.

The boar crawled back over to him and started pulling him out of the protective position he had adopted. "No. It's cute," she told him seriously. She kissed his cheek again. "You're cute." She finally had him laying on his back, completely prone. She ran a hand down his lean chest, not quite daring to reach any lower. Yet. "And very nice," she added, her voice suddenly sounding lower, huskier.

She stood up again, reaching behind her to find the zipper to her dress. Being quite limber, she was able to retrieve it and unzip herself, letting the dress fall to the floor so she stood in front of Ritsu in her bra, panties, and stockings. "Watch," she told him, noticing he kept trying to look away only to find his gaze on her again. "You'll see me in the end, anyway. And we both know you want to." She pointed to the proof of this fact, causing Ritsu to make another interesting squeaking sound. Giggling again, she sat down in his desk chair, pulling off her black stockings.

She stood up and leaned over Ritsu again, kissing him on the lips and moving his hand that was starting to reach below his waistline away. "If you do that then what's the point?" she asked him. She stood up again, unhooking her bra and letting it fall to the floor, obviously unashamed. Although modestly endowed, she didn't have any qualms with her body. It was one of the things Ritsu admired about her. Of course, right now his admiration was of a different sort...

"And last but not least...." Kagura started, hooking her fingers into the waistband of her panties and waiting until she was sure he was watching her. "These!" She quickly pulled the panties down and tossed them unceremoniously into the pile that had the rest of her and Ritsu's clothes.

Ritsu just gaped at her. He'd never seen a naked woman before. Well, not since he was very young, anyway, but he hardly thought his mother counted. He had seen Kagura naked before, but that had been when they were young children and bathed together. Nothing like this, with the dark brown patch between her legs, and the small but perky breasts. This was totally different. He'd never imagined seeing Kagura like this. Or being so turned on by it.

Kagura stood staring at him for a moment, smiling as she decided he definately liked what he saw before prancing over to her ever-present kitty backpack to get something. Taking it into her hand, she all but skipped over to the futon and laid herself next to Ritsu, draping her arm over him. "See, now, isn't this nice?"


"Talkative as usual, I see."

"I...I'm sorry."

"No you're not," Kagura accused. "And if you are you shouldn't be. But you're not. I say you're not." She began rubbing his chest again. "I'm not."

Ritsu just closed his eyes, letting her continue to trace patterns along his body. He tall and lean, not dreadfully thin but a hair underweight. His chest lacked any definition, his limbs were long and thin and awkward and clumsy, and....

He opened his eyes wide and looked down when he realized what Kagura was doing. She had his member in her hand, playing with almost absently, teasing it with her fingers as it grew harder. "You're a big boy," she noted, kissing just above his navel as she continued playing with him.

"D-don't..." Ritsu gasped, writhing in her grip.

She stopped moving her hand, releasing him. "You want me to stop?"

"No!" Ritsu gasped, before blushing deeply again, feeling ashamed of what he had been about to say: "don't stop".

"Hmmm...I think it's better that I stop now, though," Kagura told him softly, sitting up. "It just won't do if you get off before we actually get to do anything."

Ritsu made an interesting choking noise at that remark, and Kagura began playing with the object she had in her hand. It was small, and he could barely see the shiny package glinting in the moonlight. It was....a condom?

"I-is that..." Ritsu started as Kagura situated herself, straddling his upper thighs as she slid on the piece of latex.

"Yup," she said, almost too relaxed. It unnerved Ritsu that she wasn't the least bit nervous. "We don't want any accidents, do we? It would be very sad if we had a baby one of us couldn't hold."

Ritsu almost turned green. Not only was the thought sad, the thought of him being a father made his stomach turn. He was hardly a good paternal figure.

He was brought once again back to reality when Kagura leaned down and kissed the tip of his sheathed sex. "Are you ready?" she asked him, although the tone of voice she used suggested the question was just a formality.

"D-don't you think you're moving a bit too fast?" Ritsu asked, nervously, immediately wanting to take back those words. He knew nothing about sex. Maybe it was supposed to be this fast. All he knew was that he really wasn't ready. Although he had a feeling that mattered little to Kagura. The way her eyes had lit up when he'd asked her shyly a few nights ago what it felt like, how excited she had been when he'd accepted her offer to show him...there was no changing the boar's mind once it was set on something.

"Too fast?" Kagura asked, raising an eyebrow in genuine surprise. "All evening you've done nothing but stall and go slow."

"Gomen nasai!" Ritsu cried out quickly, knowing he had asked the wrong thing.

"I told you that you would like this!" Kagura told him firmly, though her voice didn't hold an ounce of anger. In fact, it sounded...amused? But then she suddenly turned serious again. "Unless you don't trust me. Me, your oldest and dearest friend."

"I trust you! I trust you! I'm sorry!" the monkey exclaimed, trying desperately to make up for what he had said. He tried to sit up again, but Kagura didn't move so he gave up.

"Good. Now just be quiet, relax, and let Kagura-chan show you how good it feels," she said in a soothing voice, leaning over long enough to push more light brown hair from his face and to kiss just below his collarbone. He started to relax again, to trust Kagura completely. And then...

She started to slow down again as she moved to straddle his waist, lowering herself down, guiding him slowly inside of her. She bit her lip in concentration and slight pain as she did so. Though not a virgin, she wasn't exactly greatly experienced. Ritsu gasped beneath her, and writhed again, long limbs flailing. Then he was completely inside of her, and she paused there for a moment, letting out her breath in one long exhale. She hadn't realized she'd been holding her breath. Ritsu stopped moving as well, just staring up at her, eyes half-closed.

She began to move up again, feeling him slowly slide out, the condom now slick and leaving her easily. Ritsu was clutching the blanket covering his futon, gasping and groaning and making all of those strange noises that Kagura found to be so cute. Then she lowered herself again, a little faster this time now that it was easier. She was amazed as one of Ritsu's hands released the blanket and grasped her hip, and as she repeated the motion, still faster, Ritsu moved the other hand over to her other hip.

She found a rhythm that she could sustain, closing her eyes and enjoying the interesting noises her partner was making beneath her. She'd never been on top before, but she liked the feeling of being the one in control. It made her wonder why she hadn't been before. She opened her eyes again after a few moments and leaned forward a bit, not losing her rhythm as she got a wicked grin on her face. Ritsu noticed this and opened his eyes a bit wider as she took his hands off her hips and moved them to her chest, putting each one over her breasts, letting him support her a bit and tease them tentively as she continued to pleasure him.

Then Kagura relaxed some more, the new angle sending waves of pleasure through her. She began to gasp and moan, and the louder she got the louder Ritsu seemed to get. And then she let out one last cry, almost a scream, and finished.

She was sweating, and she just wanted to collapse, but as she began to pull herself off of Ritsu she realized something that amazed her: he was still hard.

"Ka-Kagura-chan..." Ritsu gasped. "Don't...don't stop."

Kagura looked at the stiff organ, wrapping her hand around it. It was still slick from being inside her. She slid the condom off and looked at it, amazed.


"I've never finished before the guy before. It's weird."


"Mmhmm." Kagura confirmed. She continued to rub it with her fingers for a few seconds. "And someone once told me that it takes forever for me to come, so either you're really good or really slow."

"G-gomen nasai..."

"It's okay," she told him, tiredly, as she leaned over and caught the hard member in her mouth. She didn't particularly like giving oral sex, but she'd never tell that to Ritsu, lest he feel bad for making her have to do it. Besides, it shouldn't be much longer...

Ritsu cried out as he finished, his voice almost higher than Kagura's as he did. She would have laughed had she not been busy wiping her mouth. She brought the condom that was still in her hand up to her mouth and spit Ritsu's come into it, disappearing into his bathroom to flush it and rinse out her mouth. When she returned Ritsu was still on his back, panting hard.

Kagura slid onto the futon next to him, pulling herself close to him, putting an arm and a leg over him. "Did you like it?" she asked him.

Ritsu just nodded. He was already starting to fall asleep. She smiled and kissed his cheek again. "I told you that you would."

The End

Random thought: "ritsu" is Japanese for "rhythm". Reread this fic with that thought.