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Walking on Broken Glass

By A Girl Named Goo


The hall was really starting to bother her. It was dark, it stank up to high heaven, and there wasn't even enough room to breathe. Oh, and Kagami was there. Himiko was panting hard, holding a perfume bottle in her hand containing Corrosion Scent. Her clothes were in tatters, and she tried to hold the remnants of her shirt over her breasts.

"Why the hell do you guys keep insisting on stripping me when we fight?!" she growled. Considering the circumstances, it probably wasn't appropriate. Kagami seemed to find it amusing, though. He smiled jovially and began to approach her slowly. Every time he took a step closer to her she took another step back.

"Isn't it obvious? You're hot. And if we can't get a kiss before dying..." Kagami purposely didn't specify who was dying.

"If kissing someone before I kill them means I can keep my clothes, then I may have to consider that as an option."

Kagami smiled at that. She was so sure she would win in a fight. He found that kind of confidence to be very sexy, if misguided. "So can I claim my prize?"

"You already stripped me," Himiko pointed out.

The glass-user shrugged and leaned against the wall opposite her. How he'd managed to get that far when Himiko had been making an effort to back away from him she didn't know. She didn't think he used his incredible speed to seemingly appear there, though. She must be slipping. He was smiling. She was sneering at him, but he didn't seem phased by it. "I meant a prize in lieu of killing you. It would be a triumph and a half, I assure you, but I've grown far too fond of you as of late." He stepped back from the wall. Himiko had no where to go but sideways, but this time Kagami had used his incredible speed, bracing an arm to either side of her. "Once I thought seeing your beheaded corpse would be sweet. Now I want you very much alive and in tact."

Himiko's eyes widened, mouth agape in a silent gasp. Then she narrowed her eyes, looking into his directly. "You are a liar. You've won. Don't play with me and kill me dignity!"

"Why would I lie?" Kagami asked, the question sounding oddly serious even though his smile never faltered. Himiko threw her arm out to hit him. It connected with his chest, shattering the glass image into thousands of pieces and causing her to lose her top. Angry, she turned around to glare at Kagami, who was back at the end of the hall. So that was how he'd gotten there without her knowing it...

"Lady Poison, you are lovely when you are angry, but I am not foolish enough to stand in the line of danger. That Acceleration Scent is magnificent. If you were even a fraction stronger..." He was stepping closer now. At least, Himiko thought it was actually him this time.

"Why do you keep saying these things?!" Himiko cried out, pressed flat against the wall again, ignoring that she was now mostly naked.

Kagami's smile was lopsided as he stepped in front of her. Glass cracked beneath his pristine white shoes, which were free of all dirt and grime even in this filthy place. "You haven't been listening to me, Himiko." The way he ennunciated each syllable of her name bothered her, almost as much as the fact that he felt he could freely throw it around. "You haven't been paying attention, either. Do you think it's coincidence that we keep meeting? Did it never occur to you that maybe I can't get enough of you? Seeing you fight, hearing you yell at's fun, but it's not what I'm here for."

"Then what are you-" Himiko was cut off as Kagami leaned forward to press his lips against hers, placing his thumb over the star on her cheek. The girl balled her hands into fists at first, pressing with the heels as hard as she could to get him away. But slowly alien feelings and emotions overtook her. Her hands stopped pressing, fists unfurling until she was resting the palm of her hand over his suit jacket. Even though she was exposed and prone to his every grope and whim, Kagami kept one hand on her cheek and the other next to her head. If he hadn't been the one who stripped her in the first place she would have mistaken him for a gentleman.

It was hard to kiss with their height difference, he leaning over and she tilting her head up as far as possible. She parted her lips to welcome his tongue, which was surprisingly gentle and probing, encouraging her to return the gesture. She had expected him to take her forcefully...

Kagami broke the kiss, still smiling as he backed away slowly, stroking the little star with his thumb and wondering idly where it had come from and what purpose it served. He could ask her later, he supposed. Although whether she would answer, he didn't know. "You taste as sweet as I imagined you would..."

The words sent shivers down Himiko's spine. She wanted to push him away and run, and she also wanted to pull him closer and kiss him again, run her hands along his body, removing his clothes...

"You have such hunger in your eyes, Himiko...what is it you want?" His voice was husky, bright violet eyes meeting her own. His smile was still in place. It never faded, she didn't think.

Himiko looked down the hall in either direction for a moment, then reached for his coat, fumbling with the buttons in an effort to get it off. The shirt beneath would also be an obstruction, but one thing at a time.

Kagami laughed slightly, backing away a step and stripping of the white coat completely. "I didn't think we'd come to this step so quickly, after you rejected me for so long. Perhaps you feel willing because I have seen you naked so many times?" The coat landed to the floor, and Himiko noticed it was shining. The man was so afraid of getting his spotless white clothes dirty that he had put glass on the floor. How...not surprising. He untucked his shirt to remove it, standing topless before her. He didn't lean against the wall. Baby.

Himiko ignored the Kagami's foolish sense of cleanliness and vanity as she surveyed the area again. Her companions were around here...somewhere. It was unlikely that they would find her soon, but knowing her luck...

She pressed herself against Kagami, bare chest to bare chest, putting her lips on his neck as she ran her hands across his skin. It was too fine, too perfect. It didn't belong to the great fighter she had encountered so many times before. It belonged to someone who had been shrink wrapped and kept away from the outside world. Even she had callouses and scars to show for her lifetime of hard work and fighting.

Well, he had one mark anyway, she decided happily as she detached herself from his neck. A dark circle where she had applied suction was now visable. He'd have fun explaining to his friends in Babylon City how exactly he got a hickey. Touching the still-moist spot on his neck, Kagami smiled just a bit wider before joining their lips again.

Himiko didn't quite realize she was being lowered to the floor until she felt something cold and slippery. More glass. There was cleanliness and then there was just being ridiculous. She broke the kiss to say something, but was distracted as Kagami stood straight again and began to undo his belt, slowly, teasing her. She wanted to order him to hurry up, but his slow pace was so sensual in it's own right...

Shoes discarded. Pants. Boxers. She noticed with satisfaction a birthmark on his lower, it was a tattoo. Deliberately placed, small and black and indisguishable from her memory of symbols and their meanings. It stood out dark against the pale contrast of his skin, right where his perfect ass began. She opened her mouth, ostensibly to ask him what the tattoo was for, but he turned to face her, distracting her again. Dammit, why was he so perfect? At least he had a reason to be arrogant...

Kagami knelt onto the glass. Where Himiko had trouble moving on it, he was at ease. It was his element, after all. She tried to slide back a bit, but was unable to move on the nearly frictionless surface. She turned her head to the side...and came face to face with her own reflection. A mirror. Kagami hadn't just laid them both on glass to keep clean, he had used his namesake, probably to what himself at work. Bastard. She had half a mind to-

It started with a kiss on her ankle, a barely perceptible touch of his tongue. It was her eyes he had met, not his own in the mirror. She was sure to watch him. If his attention turned to him once...but those lips, that tongue, trailing up one shapely leg. She twisted and writhed as she could feel his body heat getting closer to her bare torso, his mouth close to...he wasn't going to...

Her gasp sounded almost pained as Kagami's tongue flicked into her. It was something she'd never experienced before, warm and wet and swirling within the damp cavity, searching for-

"Kagami..." Himiko gasped, eyes rolling back slightly as her hand wandered to tangle in soft blonde hair. His violet eyes were closed when she lifted her head for a moment to make sure he was doing what she thought he was doing instead of pulling some sort of sick joke on her. She couldn't support her head long, though. Shudders ran through her as his tongue rolled her clit lazily, as if he were teasing her rather than actually trying to bring her to completion.

He didn't do this for long, his tongue slowly sliding back out, backing away for a moment to expose her to the cold, before leaning forward again. His hot breath excited her even further, but she found sliding further on the polished surface on the mirror, which was already a difficult task, was impossible with her sweating so much. Kagami's eyes were almost glowing with delight as his form raised again, straddling her and smiling a seductive smile this time. Himiko couldn't resist reaching forward and taking his cock into her hand, stroking it slowly, teasing him as he had teased her. With her hand already damp, however, it was easy for Kagami to pull himself out of her grip, although he seemed almost pained to do so.

He poised himself at her entrance, and Himiko once again marvelled at how he kept his balance on the glass. He didn't slip at all, leaning forward to catch her lips yet again as he slowly poked the tip of his cock into her. He stayed like that for a moment, backing away whenever Himiko bucked her hips, trying to get him further inside of her, laughing into his mouth until he opened his eyes and realized the girl wasn't amused. She could be so impatient sometimes...

As he entered her fully, he had no grace about it. It was a retaliation for her impatience, obviosly. Everything between them was a matter of dominance over one another, and even in this situation, which their shields lowered significantly, they were going to try to outdo one another. At first the look in their eyes as they kissed, as Kagami thrust into her, was that of mutual challenge. But as he slowly withdrew, Himiko's eyes closed, her mouth going slack around his. He thrust again, earning a soft moan from her. She put her arms on his back, and he repeated the pattern, drawing out slowly and thrusting back in.

Taking one hand off the surface of the mirror, Kagami reached down to trace the line of one of her breasts, to feel the soft mound...he'd seen it so many times, but even when he'd been tying her down he'd been so distracted by other plans it didn't occur to him to touch her. But then, she'd been an enemy then rather than a lust object and possible object of his affections. He continued his rhythm, out slowly, thrusting, until he began to increase speed, toying with her nipple for a moment and producing some truly interesting sounds from her.

As he switched hands (and, consequently, breasts), he noted she writed and squirmed beneath him just as much as if she didn't want to be there. Her words and sounds were of encouragement, her hands on his chest and back egging him on. She traced the tattoo, and part of his lip curled in a smile between fevered kisses. They'd make a deal someday: he'd explain that, and she'd explain the star. But now wasn't the time for deal making.

Himiko cried as she came, the force of her yell forcing Kagami's face back. He hadn't expected that from Lady Poison, and the look her wore was momentarilly one of shock. Then his face melted into it's usual smirk. He held her hips still as he thrusted into her a few times more, moaning with his own released, and smiled down at her. Her eyes were already tightly closed. Hm, interesting...


Himiko awoke feeling dizzy and lightheaded. Her first thought was she had been drugged, apparently not used to afterglow. She looked around at her surroundings. She was propped up against a grimy wall, naked except for a white jacket that was too large for her and covered her hands. A strange weight pulled at her right ear, and reaching up to feel the source of the weight it didn't take her long to figure out what it was: Kagami's earring.

Around her was a ring of glass shards. No, mirror shards. Arranged in a neat circle that could be interpretted as a prison to keep her in place or a shield to keep out intruders. She couldn't even begin to guess what Kagami had had on his mind when he'd made it, or when he'd left his personal effects with her.

Leaning forward a bit onto her hands (still covered by the sleeves), earring dangling, she examined the mirror shards to contemplate how to stand without cutting herself. It was then that Ban and Ginji came around the corner at full speed.

"Himiko-chan! We heard you scream!" Ginji cried out.

"Himiko, are you..." Ban's words trailed off as he examined Himiko's current position.

Himiko blushed slightly and backed further into the ring of mirror shards. "'s not what it looks like?"

Meanwhile, unseen at the other end of the hall, a topless Kagami stood, unseen, shirt slung over his shoulder. He held up a little gold stud earring. It seemed like a fair enough exchange...

The End