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Warning: These bios will contain spoilers to the fic. They should be only used to suppliment the story after you have read about the character in question, as they either detail the motives of the character in relation to the plot or reveal details that you won't find revealed in the story. They are mostly to keep track of all of the OCs introduced in my fics. Read at your own risk.

Where is Hand of God?

Well, to be's been scrapped. I didn't like it, I dreaded writing it, and it had nothing important to the Trilogy that couldn't have been moved on to The Commitee. Which means yes, there will be a different third fic.

White- Only appear in the story they are introduced in.

Black- Appear in more than one story.

Wilhelm's Manuscript

Jakob's Side

Jakob Grimm/Karl Hamrich

Amaya Hajime

Goshoku Kozeniko

Goshoku Kusakiko

Goshoku Kuroko

Goshoku Kikaiko

Goshoku Kaneko

Wilhelm's Side

Wilhelm Grimm/Katrin Blauvelt

Kokuhaku and Kokubyaku

Breda Klemmer

Naoya Masaharu

Solomon Grimm



The Committee

The Committee (a.k.a. The Seven Really Scary People)

The Players (a.k.a. the Six Scary People)

The Pawns:

Bertrand D'Aubigné

Aleksei "Alyosha" Yudin

Yevgeniya "Zhenya" Yudin

Singer McCullough

Huet Sêk Tau

Xian Hu Die/Butterfly-san

Cricket Smith

Carolos Lakiotis

Tanshoku Kokuhaku and Kokubyaku

Akabane Kuroudo

Kudou Himiko




Ishida Yukio

Midori and Murasaki

The Four Families

The Fuuchoin (with the Kakei)

The Ishikawa

The Damakei

The Yumenai (with the Omoikami)