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By A Girl Named Goo

"It figures it would have to rain tonight," Himiko muttered, looking out the door of the warehouse she and Akabane were in while they waited for the rain to pass. "And we have a time limit." She slid the door shut and moved herself over to the wall, leaning against it annoyedly.

"Come now, Lady Poison," Akabane's smooth voice spoke from where he was hiding in a dark corner. "You knew we couldn't get the package wet. I suggested hiring Mr. No Brake..."

"Who ran off with all of the profits from our last job! 'Making up for what the Get Backers took' indeed," Himiko fumed. "If I ever see him again I will-"

Akabane was laughing a little, lowly, sending chills down her spine. She could pretend that he didn't unnerve her when other people were present, but when they were alone her instincts always screamed for her to run. "You put too much stake in money. What is the point of having money when you can't enjoy yourself? I always measure job satisfaction by how much I enjoy myself."

Himiko looked down at her mud-caked shoes. "You get enjoyment from killing. I don't. And I still need to pay for food and shelter. I don't know about you. Seriously."

That laugh again. His voice was hard and cold and sharp, like a steel blade. His words were as precise has his cuts were when he weilded his scalpels. Himiko actually shivered as he spoke again. "You don't have to think about me so much, Lady Poison. We are merely business associates. And I have yet to hear what you do for enjoyment."

Himiko made a conscious effort not to look up or behind her. She was sure it would be like those bad horror movies, where she looked up and the monster was right behind her, ready to strike. As long as she didn't look the monster wasn't there. Or so she thought.

The cold voice spoke again, smooth, precise, and right behind her. "What do you do for enjoyment, Lady Poison?" His warm breath actually went into her ear as he spoke. She gasped and spun around quickly, her already frayed nerves finally snapping and pure reflex and adrenaline taking over. She threw a punch, a high one, knowing her opponent was tall and not wanting to miss his face. But she aimed too high, and only managed to remove his hat.

Himiko looked up at him, breathing heavily, anger and fear making her eyes seem to spark in the single faded flourescent light in the warehouse. That couldn't have happened. Not unless...

"You let me hit you," she whispered.

Akabane didn't move, didn't go to find his hat. Himiko noticed he seemed oddly naked without it, like seeing his uncovered head was exposing more than she was supposed to see. Of course she'd seen him wearing less before. Even before the fight with Amano Ginji where he'd been topless she had seen him once wearing nothing but a towel, stepping out of the bathroom and into a room they were sharing at the home of an employer who hadn't wanted them to leave until the next day. She couldn't remember what he'd come into the room to retrieve, just that seeing him almost completely naked and in broad daylight had made him seem completely different. Human. His scars making him seem mortal for that instant. He hadn't been Dr. Jackel, the creature whose greatest joy came from the pain of others. He had been Akabane Kuroudo, a man with feelings and weaknesses. For a few moments Himiko had almost thought there was something decent about him. That moment didn't last long, however.

But now, here, in the dark, they were alone. The rain was loud and they were secluded. No one would hear them or find them. And Himiko was alone with Dr. Jackel. She'd almost hit him. But she knew, in her mind, that it was an impossibility. She would have to take a lethal dose of her Acceleration Perfume to be able to match him.

Akabane lowered his dark eyes to the floor, that smile that took over his entire face appearing, reaching up for his hat though it wasn't there before dropping his gloved hand to his side again. "We are business associates. We should be friendly. I was unfair to you, and I needed to do something to prove that I meant you no harm." He still didn't move or go for his hat. Himiko hesitantly left her place and went to pick it up. Some part of her had always wanted to feel it, to see if it were made of some special material that made it so important that he always seemed to take great pains to keep it on. She was rather disappointed to find that it was normal fabric. She couldn't place the kind. It felt sort of like canvas.

"Do I get an answer?" Akabane asked, not turning to look at her as she held his hat.

Himiko swallowed and stared at the hat intently, like it would somehow provide her with an answer. What did she do for enjoyment? Nothing much. She could alter her jobs so that she could enjoy them. Ride a motorcycle instead of driving a car. Stop and fight for a few moments when she could just as easily run. Take detours and back roads. so she could pass by places she wanted to see. But when was the last time she had actually done something purely for her own amusement and not as part of a job? If she were given a day to do whatever she liked, what would she do?

"So quiet," that chilling voice said suddenly, cutting through her thoughts. "What is the matter, Lady Poison? Do you not do anything simply for your own pleasure?"

"Jackel..." she started, letting the word hang in the air. She was twisting the hat a bit between her hands. If she could do anything simply for her own pleasure, what would she do? She looked up at Akabane. He still hadn't moved, still wasn't facing her, but she could somehow feel that he was still smiling. Was he amused by her confusion? Was this some kind of variation on the enjoyment he got from the suffering of others? Or was it the same kind of amusement that an adult has when a child cannot answer a question that is all too simple for them?

"How said," he said, softly, though the smile in his voice destroyed any actually pity that might have been there. Though Himiko highly doubted there had been any. This man reminded her of the creatures that children bought nightlights to ward away; silent predators that couldn't been seen or heard until it was too late and killed with no mercy just for sport, with the added detail that he was able to walk freely in the daylight. Himiko was happy to be able to call him an ally and not an enemy, although she knew that could change at any moment. She'd taken to sleeping with the lights on lately.

Himiko squeezed the hat between her hands and tossed it again. She expected Akabane to catch it before it could hit the floor, but instead he didn't move again. She was suddenly very angry at him. Even if she didn't know what made her happy, at least she could live with herself knowing her one true joy in life wasn't the death of others. Although she highly doubted Akabane had any problems living with himself. He would need a conscience for that. "Just because I don't have one specific activity that I enjoy doesn't mean I don't have any enjoyment in my life," she finally spat out, her anger making her feel bold.

"Does anything make you happy?" Akabane pressed. His smile was gone, replaced with a kind of curiosity: he might not have been human, but that didn't mean humans weren't fascinating creatures. "If you could do anything in your life, would you honestly just work through the request and look for what meager joy you can reap from that?"

That wasn't entirely true. There were three secret wishes that Himiko had in her mind: for her brother to be alive again, for Mido Ban to never have betrayed them, and her most guilty wish: to see Akabane naked again. Not out of any physical attraction to him. She just thought it would be easier to be assoicated with him if she could, every once in a while, see that confirmation of his mortality.

She hadn't realized he had turned around to face her, or that she had been staring at him as she reflected on her three secret wishes. Especially that last one. After that moment where Akabane had been human, she'd started thinking about him. Wondering what he had been like before he became what he was now, before killing was his passion and he had scalpels hidden inside his body. Had he had a family? Friends? A lover? She could have asked him, but she decided not to. Not because she was afraid of his reaction to those questions. She simply knew that asking him would be a futile gesture at best. He would only give a vague answer and smile and she'd be no closer to knowing about him than she had been before.

"Ask me, Lady Poison," Akabane suddenly prompted. "You have a question on your mind. Ask me."

Himiko wondered if he'd read her mind. No, that was impossible. He was powerful, but he wasn't psychic. What should she ask him? About his life before he was Dr. Jackel? No. She couldn't. Something in her mind told her not to. That was forbidden. But her wish....?

"I....wanted to know....if you could take your shirt off," she finally said, slowly, hesitantly, around clenched teeth, as if the statement had hurt. She didn't make it a question. She'd tried to phrase it to make it seem like she really didn't care about this request anymore.

That smile was back on his face. Himiko wanted to wipe it off his face. And she would have tried had there been a chance in hell she could actually do it. "That is a rather odd request," he said, slowly, precisely. "But I see no harm in fullfilling that request."

Himiko swallowed and looked at him. She had no doubt he was serious, but he didn't just do people favors. Not even her. There had to be a catch.

"But first...." he started, already taking off his coat. "You have to tell me why you wanted to see that."

Himiko bit her lip and looked down at her feet again. Well, she'd come this far. Might as well go with the truth. "Because that one time I saw you naked you looked human. I'd feel more comfortable working with you if I saw you looking human again."

Akabane was now shedding his vest. "'Human'? Interesting choice of words." He mused. He now removed his tie and slowly began to unbutton his shirt. "Interesting, but I am sure for you it is true. I must not seem human." The shirt was gone. Himiko stared at his chest, at the green tattoo on his left arm, at the long, deep scar. No normal person could have survived the would that caused it. He looked at her again, still smiling. "Is this what you wanted, Lady Poison?"

Himiko licked her lips. How long had it been since she'd seen him like this? Last time she saw him naked it hadn't made her feel like this. Was she actually finding him attractive like this? She approached him, cautiously, and he took her hand and placed it on his chest, over his heart. For some reason she'd always thought he'd be cold to the touch, like a corpse. But as her fingers trailed down, tracing his scar, racing down his slightly concave abdomen, she realized he was a man, warm and solid. Her fingers threatened to reach still lower, to where she knew she was forbidden.

"You are enjoying this," Akabane said knowingly, purposely not making it a question. She noticed the scar on the top of the hand that was currently placed over hers. She knew what it was for. Or, at least, she thought that she did. But for some reason the fact that he had these scars seemed attractive to her.

A sudden flashback, a memory to when she had been younger. Ban...his knee was bleeding. She was begging him to put a bandage on it, but he refused. Said he didn't need one. She told him to wash it or it would scar. He'd smiled at her, confidently, and said "Girls like scars". At the time she'd thought he was crazy, that scars were disgusting...

Then she was back to the reality of the moment. She suddenly lifted her fingers off Akabane's chest, his hand still wrapped around hers. He looked rather confused as she did this. It was inconceivable that he had enjoyed that as much as she had. The thought of Akabane Kuroudo partaking in pleasures of the flesh was almost laughable. And yet, to Himiko at the moment, it seemed all too appealling.

Himiko suddenly reached for his belt, waiting for him to stop her or back away, but instead he stood still as she removed it and dropped it to the floor with the rest of his discarded clothes. She eagerly unbuttoned his pants, eager for what she knew was concealed underneath. She reached in and drew him out, marvelling as she did so. He was so big, so long...and he wasn't hard yet. Just as she thought: he wasn't one for sexual urges. But she knew he was still a man, and that even if he wasn't hard now then unless he had a problem it wasn't impossible to fix this situation.

Himiko had to admit she wasn't quite sure of what she was doing as she closed her mouth over Akabane's cock, trying to take in as much as possible. She reached up, felt the base, rubbed what wasn't in her mouth, as she licked and sucked, awkwardly yet eagerly. His control was amazing: although he was clearly growing aroused in her mouth, he was perfectly still and quiet, not acknowledging what he was doing in any way. Himiko looked up at him. He wasn't even looking at her. His face was a complete blank. Was it possible he really couldn't feel it? That this part of his body worked, but he'd somehow rendered himself unable to feel it?

Himiko pulled away, feeling a bit disappointed and licking the salty precum off the tip. Part of her wanted to finish, but that was beaten by the part of her that knew it was a waste of time if he wasn't going to enjoy it. She was about to put it back into his pants when a hand wrapped around her wrist, not really hard, but enough to stop her. "Why are you stopping, Lady Poison?" he asked, that smile back on his face.

Himiko didn't know how to answer. Fortunately she didn't have to. Akabane pulled her to her feet, reach over and unbuttoning her shirt, encouraging her to ease it off before running his lips down her left breast, pausing to lick and suck on the hard nipple for a moment. "I don't think you know what you've started," he whispered huskily, when he was finished, working the other nipple in his mouth for a moment before lowering her onto his clothes. Himiko was breathless, his lips finding their way to her neck, kissing, licking, biting...

That was so sudden she cried out. She didn't even notice him removing the rest of her clothes as he licked the spot he'd bitten, working far too fast. She could barely register she was naked as he moved his hands elsewhere on her body. He bit her again, this time over her right breast, hard enough to draw blood, and then began to lick the cut.

Akabane moved one of his hands off her, down to stroke himself. It'd been far too long since he'd done this. He'd almost forgotten what it was like as he looked at the pretty young girl beneath him, the one who had started it all. Did Himiko still want it? He lowered his mouth over her's. It still tasted like blood, and she was hesitant to touch his lips with her tongue. But she initated the kiss. Yes, she wanted this. Pain and passion....so wonderful when mixed together just right.

As if to accentuate this point, he bit her tongue at the same time he thrusted into her. She made a sound like a muffled scream, and he just laughed back into her mouth, releasing her tongue from his teeth. Expecting her to want to stop. Although he haf to admit he wasn't sure he would have been able to if she had wanted to. But she began to run her bleeding tongue across his teeth, althrough his mouth, as he withdrew and thrusted back into her again, harder this time. Yes, it'd been so long since he'd done this, and never had he found a partner so willing to do it his way....

Akabane broke the kiss, blood trailing down the corner of Himiko's mouth as he did. He was going faster now, and harder, but that trail of blood couldn't stop catching his attention. He bent over and licked it off, licking her lips, nipping her bottom lip to draw more blood. If sex had always been like this for him, he might never have given it up, trained himself to ignore those urges...

Himiko was crying out now, her pretty lips stained red, Akabane trying to lick all of the blood that dripped onto her cheek off. But still she didn't want to stop. She reached her hands around, to his damp back, and forced their chests together, almost destroying the rhythm. But Akabane could feel her clench around him, and with a scream that echoed unmercifully throughout the warehouse, she came.

Akabane's completion took only a few more thrusts, and was much quieter. As he withdrew he noticed still more blood...maybe he'd been a little too rough. But no. She'd wanted it. She hadn't stopped him. He tucked himself back into his pants and moved her unceremoniously off of his clothes to finish dressing, glad that none of the stains had gotten on garments where they would show. Himiko stopped panting and touched the bloody bitemark about her breast, looking up at him with glazed eyes, before sitting up and reaching for her own clothes.

As Akabane put on his hat he turned to face her again, looking like he had done nothing just then, smiling that smile that took over his entire face. The effect would have worked if it weren't for the red trail on the corner of his mouth. "What is your idea of enjoyment, Lady Poison?" he asked, his voice cold and sharp as the edge of a blade once more.

Himiko finished buttoning her shirt and picked up her belt, walking over to him before putting it on and licking her finger before wiping the blood off his mouth, sticking her finger into her mouth. "That is my idea of enjoyment."

The End

Notes- So, did I squick anyone this time around? If you're not squicked yet (yes, I like the word "squick" too much) think of this: I wrote it while listening to the Digimon soundtrack (which I maintain is still the best anime soundtrack I've ever heard. The Japanese, not the English). Makes it seem all the more disturbing, ne?