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Disclaimer- Gravitation is still not mine. The only copyright I own is for my series, and even then people are always telling me that my characters belong to them *Glares at chibiukyou, who is holding tightly onto Shannon.* And as for the final songs, "Don't Let It End" was performed by Styx and written by Dennis DeYoung and "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through" was performed by Meat Loaf and written by...drumroll please....JIM STEINMAN!!! (Yes, it's true, I listened to the same three or four CDs while writing this. So sue me, the songs work.) "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through" is my absolute all time favorite song and has been since I was about 10, and pretty much the reason why I wrote this fic. SAVOR IT!!!

Other Notes- If you are confused over whether I am using manga or anime continuity, I am using anime. The only detail from the manga I drew from was Touma and Yuki's relationship, and even then I think this IS in the anime, just not explored as deeply as in the manga. Also, it IS true that Sakano approached Bad Luck after a school talent contest to offer them a job at NG in the manga, only Shuichi was 18, not 17. (Also, this was because Yuki and Touma had attended one of Bad Luck's concerts before then and told him to do it.)

The Life of Shindou Shuichi: A Retrospective in Song

Written by A Guy Named Goo

Act 7: Don't Let It End/Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through

~Curtain Rises~

It was now over six weeks since Shuichi had entered his coma.

At this point, because of Shuichi's steady recovery, no one doubted Shuichi would live. They just didn't know if he would wake up. But most of them were willing to wait, anyway.

Ryuuichi was busying himself by using crayons and markers to draw on Shuichi's casts. K was cleaning his gun, Touma was writing down lyrics again, Yuki was still typing away, and Hiro and Suguru had left to get dinner. Though they usually took turns making food runs, Hiro and Suguru found themselves getting roped into the task far more often than they would have liked.

K put his holster back on and put his gun in it, standing up and stretching. "Ryuuichi. Come on."

"Where?" Ryuuichi asked, putting the finishing touches on his portrait of Kumagorou on the cast on Shuichi's right leg. He picked up the stuffed rabbit to show him the picture and see if it met approval.

"Our turn for the shower. I want to get it done before dinner," K explained, though he enjoyed watching Ryuuichi doodle on the plaster. It was the most relaxed and carefree thing he'd done since he'd moved into the hospital.

Ryuuichi puts his crayons back into their box and capped his markers, putting Kumagorou on the nightstand next to Shuichi's bed. "Keep an eye on him while I'm gone," Ryuuichi instructed the rabbit. "If anything happens I want to hear about it!"

And with that, Ryuuichi wrapped his arms around K's waist and followed him out the door. Now only Touma, Yuki, and Shuichi were alone in the room. This was the first time since that night that Yuki had been alone with the older man.

"Ryuuichi-san seems to be getting better," Touma observed, if only to make small talk.

"Hm," was all Yuki said as he kept typing.

"I think Mr. K helped him a lot. It's always better to have someone when you are going through something difficult. I think that's what happened with Nakano-san and Fujisaki-san. And I think that's why Ryuuichi-san is doing so much better. Maybe you being here will help Shuichi recover faster," Touma continued. "And, of course, I am here for you if you need anything."

Yuki sighed and stopped typing, saving his document and taking off his glasses to rub his eyes. "Something Sakuma said is bothering me."

"Oh? What did he say?" Touma asked, geniunely interested. Ryuuichi hadn't said much that was relevant during this entire crisis.

"When Shuichi first went into his coma. He said that he thought Shuichi was dreaming," Yuki explained. "Shuichi has nightmares. He doesn't like people to know about them. He won't even tell me what they're about. He'll just come into my room late at night, crying and shaking like a little kid, asking to get into bed with me. Of course I act like a prick and tell him to go away, but then I give in and tell him he can sleep in my bed if he doesn't touch me. I sleep on my stomach, and usually when I wake up in the morning he's asleep on my back. Those are the best mornings for both of us. And I still made him sleep on the couch."

"Do you think he's having a nightmare right now?" Touma asked, wondering why he had suddenly confided in him this way.

"I'm almost sure he is. He's been in a coma for a month and a half now. That's a long time to have a nightmare."

Touma put down his notepad and removed his own glasses. "Eiri-san, we've been here the entire time. If your presence alone is enough to make him not have nightmares and all of his friends are present then I doubt he is having nightmares as awful as you say."

Yuki only replaced his glasses and continued typing. Realizing Yuki wasn't going to speak again, Touma sighed and also continued his work. They were both surprised to hear a phone ring.

"I thought you shut that off," Yuki muttered.

"It's my emergency one, the one that K got me on in America," Touma explained, taking a phone from a bag on the floor. He looked at the screen, quirked an eyebrow, then pressed the button to connect. "Moshi moshi?" There was a few minutes of silence. Touma first looked shocked, then worried. "I'll be right down there. Hold on." He terminated the call and put the phone back into his bag.

"Who was that?" Yuki asked, watching Touma frantically search for his shoes.

"It was Mika. Or, to be more accurate, it was Mika's doctor. That number is listed with my name for her emergency contact," Touma explained. "She's downstairs. There's been an accident. It seems she fell down the stairs and now she might go into premature labor. The babies aren't due for another two months. There's a chance she could lose one or both of them."

And with that Touma darted out the door.


Shuichi was standing on the stage alone. Touma's voice had announced act seven, but now it was speaking again. "Let's skip ahead a bit now, to the first time you and Yuki were truly apart."

Well, if Shuichi ever wanted more proof that this wasn't the real Touma talking, the fact that he had called Yuki "Yuki" instead of "Eiri-san" was all the proof he needed.

Shuichi walked in the dark until he found what felt like a bed. He instinctively laid down in it, and the curtain rose. He sighed an prepared for his monologue. "Yuki ended up going to New York. I didn't know where he was or if he had left me for good. I thought I had finally said the only thing that ruined everything we had. I was so lonely and depressed..."

The music began, and Shuichi didn't have to wait very long for his cue to sing as the lights turned on. "What can I do/When pictures of you/Still make me cry..." he sang. He picked up a photograph of Yuki on the nightstand and looked at it. "Trying to live without your love/It's so hard to do." He put the picture down. "Some nights I wake up/I look at your pillow/Hoping that I'll see you there..." He looked at the empty pillow next to his.

He stood up and walked away from the bedroom set as it spun around and showed their living room. "But I get up each day/Not much to say/I've no where to go!" He looked down at the stage. "Loneliness fills me up inside/'Cause I'm missing you."

The music started to pick up. "So if you give us a chance to remember..." he looked up at the cieling. "The love we had once together!/Wait and see!" He threw his arms out. "Time is all that we really need!/I'm praying you don't say no/I mean to tell you..."

The set fell away, and the Bad Luck was standing behind him. Invisable back-up singers joined him. "Don't let it end!" they sang with him. "Baby, we could have so much more!/Don't let it end!/Honey please, don't walk out that door!"

Shuichi stepped to the end of the stage and began to sing alone. "I'll telling you, baby/I've made my mistakes/But I'll make you this promise/To do what it takes..." He put his hand in a fist and punched the air as he sang the next line. "I'll be there protect you..." he wrapped his arms around himself. "And hold you tight." He point at the audience. "You've got my lovin', baby, every single night!"

"Don't let it end!" the back-up singers sang.

"I'm begging you, don't let it end this way," Shuichi sang back.

"Don't let it end!" he sang with the bac- up singers. "I'm begging you, don't let it end this way!" He held the last word, then abruptly stopped as an instrumental solo began. The set began to appear again, concealing the band. He walked back into the living room set.

"Don't let it end!" he sang. "Baby, we could have so much more!/Don't let it end/Honey please don't walk out that door!"

Shuichi dropped to his knees. "Don't let it end!/I'm begging you, don't let it end this way!"

He got to his feet. "Don't let it end!/I'm begging you, don't let it end this way!" The music started to die down. "Oh, no. No no no..."

The lights shut off again, and Shuichi sang softly as the music faded. "What will I do/If you say we're through?/Honey, don't let it end/This way....."

The music faded out, and the curtain fell. Shuichi expected the lights to shut off, but instead more turned on. Everyone who had been in the wings walked out, wearing black cloaks but with the hoods down so that their faces were visable.

"Wh-what's going on?!" Shuichi cried, trying to back away.

"It's time for the final act," the Yuki actor said.

"It's time to make your choice," the Hiro actor added.


It was now exactly six and a half weeks since Shuichi had entered his coma.

The group in the hospital room had once again assembled with the exception of Touma, who had been gone for at least 14 hours now. Yuki was worried about his sister, but when he had went downstairs to find out her condition he was told no one knew anything yet.

Finally, after all the waiting and worrying, Touma walked into the room. He looked exhausted, but he had a small smile on his face.

"How's Mika?" Yuki asked immediately.

"She's great. The damage wasn't as bad as they originally thought. She broke her leg, but she'll recover," Touma explained. "Now, Yuki, want to come with me to see your neice and nephew?"

Everyone widened their eyes. Yuki was stunned. He quickly regained his composure and stood up, nodding. "Yes, I would."

"You're all welcome to come along, if you'd like," Touma offered.

K and Ryuuichi stood, as did Suguru. But Hiro stayed put.

"You guys go. I'm staying here with Shuichi. Maybe a little later I'll go down and have a look," Hiro explained.

The rest followed Touma out into the hall and to an elevator. Touma pressed a button, and everyone waited. The elevator stopped at each floor, an inconvenience to say the least, especially since on one floor a nurse got on, saw Yuki, and all but fainted, before fumbling with a pen and asking for him to autograph her smock. Yuki, who originally would have refused, did as she had requested.

The nurse looked at Yuki again before the elevator stopped at the floor the NICU was on. "You are sooo much more handsome in person than you are on your bio picture," she observed. "Is it true you're here because of Shindou Shuichi?"

Yuki ignored her and walked past her into the hallway and continued to follow Touma. Finally, they stopped in front of a window.

"You'll have to stand here," Touma said. "They're both in incubators in the NICU. The doctors said they should be all right in a month or so, but Tokui is younger and smaller so he is having a bit more trouble getting healthy. I'll bring them around here so you can see."

"Mika actually let you name them?" Yuki asked in disbelief.

"Not voluntarilly. She was on painkillers and couldn't even think of her own name, and they needed names for the birth certificates, so I gave them mine. Chances are Mika will kill me when she finds out, but she can always have them changed. Now, just stand there for a second." And with that, he disappeared into the doors leading into the NICU.

It was about five minutes before Touma reappeared on the other side of the glass, wearing scrubs. He walked up to two incubators, one containing a small baby wearing nothing but a diaper and a pink cap and hooked up to many wires and a resperator, and the other had an even smaller baby with a blue cap. He began to push the pink one up to the window, and a nurse wearing scrubs pushed the other.

Ryuuichi all but squealed when he saw the babies. Then he turned and looked up at K. "They're so little. Are they sick?"

"They were born too early, Ryuuichi," K explained. "They'll get better."

Touma had disappeared from being on the other side of the glass. He suddenly came through the doors, sans scrubs. "Beautiful, aren't they?" he asked. "The girl is Amai. The boy is Tokui." He suddenly smiled proudly. "Amai looks like me. Same hair color, same eye color." Then he looked over at Yuki. "However, Tokui is going to grow up to look just like his uncle."

"Poor kid," Yuki muttered. He was still staring at the pair of tiny babies. Suddenly, the two incubators were wheeled away by two nurses.

"Time to go back up and visit our other sickie," K announced, heading back to the elevator, Ryuuichi still firmly attached to him.


Shuichi looked at the robed figures. He wanted to back away, but it seemed they were surrounding him. Only two dim lights were shining down on them, and fog was crawling all over the stage. Music was playing as the figures closed in.

They all sang in unison first. "Ooooh...."

Finally, the Touma actor started singing.

"You can't run away forever/But there's nothing wrong with getting a good head start," he sang.

K sang next. "You want to shut out the night/You want to shut down the sun/You want to shut away the pieces of a broken heart..."

Yuki took the next line. "Think of how we lay down together/We'd be listening to the radio so loud and so strong..."

"Every golden nugget coming like a gift to the Gods/Someone must have blessed us when he gave us those songs..." Hiro said at last.

Suddenly they all started to sing. "I treasure your love/I never want to lose it/And you've been through the fires of hell/And I know you've got the ashes to prove it/I treasure your love/I wanna show you how to use it/And you've been through a lot of pain in the dirt/And I know you've got the scars to prove it..."

Ryuuichi stepped forward to sing next. "Remember everything that I've told you/And I'm telling you again that it's true/When you're alone and afraid/And you're completely amazed/To find there's nothing anybody can do..."

"Keep on believing! And you'll discover, baby!" they all sang out.

"There's always something magic!" Shuichi found himself singing.

"There's always something magic..." the other parroted.

"There's always something new!" Shuichi sang uncertainly.

"New...." the others sang.

"And when you really really need it-" Shuichi started, then was joined by the others. "The most/That's when rock and roll dreams come through!"

Then he was along again. 'The beat is yours forever!"

"The beat is yours forever..." the other sang.

"The beat is always true!" Shuichi sang out.


"And when you really really need it-" Shuichi started again, and was joined by the others again. "The most/That's when rock and roll dreams come through..."

"For you..." Shuichi finished.

There was an instrumental solo, and all of the actors changed their positions around Shuichi. For the first time he noticed the curtain was raised...and no one was sitting in the audience.

"One upon a time was a backbeat/Once upon a time all the chords came to life," Suguru sang.

"And the angels had guitars even before they had wings/If you hold on to a chorus you can get through the night," Hiro and Suguru sang together.

Suddenly everyone was singing again. "I treasure your love/I never want to lose it/And you've been through the fires of hell/And I know you've got the ashes to prove it/I treasure your love/I wanna show you how to use it/And you've been through a lot of pain in the dirt/And I know you've got the scars to prove it..."

"Remember everything that I've told you," Mika sang.

"'Cause I'm telling you again that it's true," Sakano added.

"You're never alone 'cause you can put on the phones/And let the drummer tell your heart what to do," Yuki finished.

"Keep on believing! And you'll discover, baby!" they all sang simultaneously.

"There's always something magic!" Shuichi sang again.

"There's always something magic...." the others sang.

"There's always something new!"


"And when you really really need it the most, that's when rock and roll dreams come through!" Shuichi sang. "The beat is yours forever!"

"The beat is yours forever..."

"The beat is always true!"


"And when you really really need it the most, that when rock and roll dreams come through/For you!/Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!" Shuichi finished.

As the music continued to play, Mika, Touma, and Suguru sang "The beat is yours forever..."

"That's when rock and roll dreams come through...."

"The beat is yours forever..."

"That's when rock and roll dreams come through...."

"The beat is yours forever..."

"That's when rock and roll dreams come through...."

Suddenly, Mika stopped singing and looked at Shuichi. "It's time to make your decision!"

"The beat is yours forever..."

"That's when rock and roll dreams come through...."

"Does the show end now, or does it continue?" Touma asked.

"The beat is yours forever..."

"That's when rock and roll dreams come through...."

"Do you live, or do you die?" Hiro asked.

"The beat is yours forever..."

"That's when rock and roll dreams come through...."

"I want to live..."

"The beat is yours forever..."

"That's when rock and roll dreams come through...."

"I want to live!"

"The beat is yours forever..."

"That's when rock and roll dreams come through...."


They were still singing as Shuichi jumped off the staged and began to run for the end of the theatre. The narrow path seemed to stretch on and on, and the door grew further and further. Finally, he lept and felt his hand come in contact with the door. He threw it open, only to be blinded by a brilliant white light....


It was exactly six and a half weeks since Shuichi had entered his coma.

It was mid-afternoon, and Ryuuichi was playing "go fish" against Suguru, Hiro was playing guitar, Yuki was typing, K was reloading his gun, and Touma was downstairs visiting his children.

Everyone was caught off guard when the EKG began to beep out of control. Shuichi began to thrash wildly in his bed, and at first everyone thought he was having a seizure. Then he began to cry out, ever so softly, "live....wanna live...I want to live..."

Then he went perfectly still, and he stopped crying out. Everyone had crowded around his bed, wondering what was going to happened. Ever so slowly, while everyone held their breath, familiar bright violet eyes opened.

K rushed out of the room to tell a doctor what was happening. At first everyone was too stunned to say anything. Yuki was the first to get himself together.

"Shuichi?" he asked softly.

"Yuki..." Shuichi whispered hoarsely.

Everyone started breathing then. He recognized Yuki. It was Shuichi. But that didn't mean he wasn't brain damaged.

A doctor rushed into the room and forced the crowd around the bed away. He then began to ask Shuichi simple questions, which, though his voice was hoarse and stuttering slightly, he managed to answer. He took out a flashlight, flashed it into his eyes, then pocketed it.

"Brain damage is minamal. I don't know if the stutter is permenant or not."

"Can he sing with it?" Ryuuichi asked softly.

The doctor shrugged. "Most likely. Speech and song are controlled by two different parts of the brain. If he slightly damaged the part that registers speech I don't see any reason why he can't sing if that part isn't damaged." He looked down at Shuichi. "Tell me, how are you feeling?"

"I h-hurt..." Shuichi choked out. "Everything hurts. I can't...move."

"Sounds like your muscles have atrophied a bit. It happens when patients are in a coma for an extended period of time," the doctor explained. "Nothing some rehab can't fix. I'll get you some painkillers."

The doctor left the room, and the crowd (as well as K) reformed. Shuichi's eyes darted around, looking at everyone. He finally looked down, and visably jumped when he saw his right arm.

"My arm? What happened to my a-arm?" he choked out.

Hiro touched the bandages on what was left of it. "They had to cut it off. Do you remember what happened, Shuichi? You were hit by a car. You almost died."

"Car...." Shuichi whispered. "Blue car..." He looked up at Yuki. "I didn't bring you your ci-cigarettes. You're not mad, are you?"

Those words hurt Yuki more than anyone in the room would ever know. Yuki just shook his head. "No, I'm not mad. Get some rest."

"H-how long?" Shuichi asked.

"You were in a coma for six and a half weeks today," K supplied.

"Yuki..." Shuichi whispered. He leaned back on his pillow, and his eyes closed.

"Shuichi," Yuki said in a tone of voice that sounded desperate.

"So tired...hurts so bad...need sl-sleep..."

The doctor came in and replaced the IV drip.

"Doctor, he wants to sleep. Should we let him?" Hiro asked, worried.

"He's understandably tired. Being in a coma isn't like being asleep, you know. Plus he's probably in an awful lot of pain. Let him rest for a while," the doctor ordered before leaving the room.

"Yuki..." Shuichi whispered again. Yuki took his hand, and Shuichi fell asleep.


Three days later Shuichi was returning to his old self. Though he wasn't well enough to go home yet, he was already sitting up, eating, smiling, and talking. Always talking....

Hiro was the only one in the room with Shuichi that day. Suguru had went alone to get food (he'd promised to sneak in some "real food" for Shuichi), Ryuuichi had begged K to take him downstairs so he could see the babies again, Yuki had stepped out for a smoke, and Touma had went with K and Ryuuichi because he never got tired of showing off his twins.

"Was I really out of it for six and a ha-half weeks?" Shuichi asked. Hiro nodded, and Shuichi took a bite from his sugar-free strawberry Jell-O, trying not to cringe. He was using his spoon left-handed, which was very awkward for him. "Wow. It felt like less time than that..."

"What did?" Hiro asked. "Your coma?"

"Sort of," Shuichi confirmed. He forced himself to take another bite, then pushed the disgusting desert away. "We've been best friends for a l-long time, right?"

"Last time I checked," Hiro agreed.

"So if I tell you something, do you promise to be o-open minded about it?"


Shuichi looked down at the tray with the remnants of his meal on it. "I had a near-death experience, I think."

"Um...excuse me?"

"Just what I said. Only it wasn't like those people who say they saw heaven or hell. It was...this really big p-play. A musical, actually. And there were a-actors playing you and everyone else. Yuki, Seguchi-san, Fujisaki, K, Sakuma-san, even Mika-san and Ai-Aizawa. And you were all s-singing. And you told me that I would get to choose if I live or die after the show."

"Was I a good singer?" Hiro asked, skeptical but curious.

"No. And not a very good actor, either. But a great g-guitar player."

Hiro stopped to think for a moment. "I've seen a lot of things in my life. I believe there's some kind of afterlife. But a near death experience where you are in a musical? That's a new one..."

"You don't believe me..." Shuichi said with obvious disappointment.

"I didn't say that! I believe that's what you saw in your coma. I mean, you can't make something like that up. But I don't know if it's a near-death experience or if it was just a dream," Hiro explained.

"Neither do I," Shuichi confessed. "I mean, what if I had decided to die? Would I have w-woken up anyway, or would I have died? And the things I felt and saw....they seemed too real to be a dream. In d-dreams you don't feel."

"This is true," Hiro conceded. He leaned back in his chair and sighed.

"So a lot changed while I was out," Shuichi said to change the subject.


"What's going on with Sakuma-san and M-Mr. K?"

"No one knows. Sakuma-san nearly had a nervous break down when you were first brought here. He had to be sedated quite a few times. Then Mr. K took him to his apartment, and he insists nothing happened but Sakuma-san had a complete turnaround. Whatever happened is between those two," Hiro explained. "Though, strictly between you and me, Mr. K told me one night that Sakuma-san is very good in bed, but insists he knew that before all of this happened."

"And what about you and Fujisaki?"

Hiro crossed his legs and sighed. "I don't know. I mean, we had to work hard as Bad Luck without you. At least five times more interviews and press conferences, and then we had to go to the board meetings...well, we were there. We needed someone for support. We leaned on each other. The rest is, as they say, history."

"But whatever happened to Ayaka?" Shuichi asked, raising an eyebrow. Now that he thought about it, he hadn't seen Ayaka for a while before his accident, either.

"Ayaka..." Hiro sighed. It was obvious this was going to be painful. "About four months before your accident I went to Kyoto to ask her father if I could marry her. Her father was impressed by my intelligence and my money, but my career left him less than pleased. And the fact that I never graduated from high school- how he found that out, I'll never know- made it so that the two things I had going for me were pretty much worthless. He told Ayaka she didn't have his blessing, and moreover, he already had someone else in mind who he had arranged for as soon as he found out Yuki Eiri had no intention of marrying her. I expected her to tell her father what's what and we'd get married without his blessing. Instead, she turned to me, said 'so I guess this is it...', gave me a kiss on the cheek, and that was the last I saw of her. She married the other guy and that was that."

Shuichi could feel tears in his eyes. "Why didn't you tell me sooner? I mean, true, I never really liked Ayaka, but you did, and I always come to you when I have a problem with Yuki no matter how small it is. Didn't you trust me?"

"On your first remark, you didn't like Ayaka and I still don't like Yuki, so we're even there. Though I guess now would be a good time to tell him I don't honestly blame him for your accident and that I just needed someone to vent my frustrations on..." Hiro stopped and smiled slightly. "But the reason I didn't tell you about Ayaka isn't because I didn't trust you or didn't think you'd care. I thought you would care too much, in fact. I wanted to wait until I had started to feel better before I told you. You're an emotional person. When you have a problem with Yuki, you come to me, I make you feel better, you go home, and everything is peachy again for the time being. I don't like the fact that Yuki upsets you so often and I think you could do better, but you don't want to. For some reason I can't begin to fathom you adore Yuki, and from what I've seen while you were in your coma he seems to care for you just as much, even if he has a hell of a way of showing it. But then I have a problem where my only choices were to brood over it for the rest of my life or move on. If I told you, then you would have felt bad for me, and not only would it have been hard for me to move on, but then you would have been upset over something beyond your control, and everyone knows when you're upset you don't work. So yeah, it was hard. It was painful. It still hurts. But I'm moving on. There's life after Ayaka, and that's what matters. Besides, if she's able to throw me away so easily I guess I don't need her." He stopped again, realizing he was rambling. "Basically how it works is this: I absolutely hate to see you hurt. You know what I said to Yuki when you two first started seeing each other? That if he ever made you cry, I'd make sure he'd live to regret it. And I meant it. I was ready to follow through on that after you were attacked because I thought it was Yuki's fault, and I was ready to do it again when I thought he was to blame for your accident. So when you come to me, crying because Yuki threw out out of his office or made you sleep on the couch or yelled at you for something, I want to fix it because it's little to me, but it's hurting you. And likewise, if something is hurting me, no matter how big it is, I don't want you to hurt because of it, because, let's face it, I'm a lot tougher than you are when it comes to emotional trauma."

"Th-thank you..." was all that Shuichi could say.

"Hey, you said it yourself: we're best friends. Best friends stick their necks out for each other. If it wasn't for you I'd have quit guitar. Hell, I wouldn't be a rock star in the first place. You scratch my back, I scratch your back. We're the perfect team."

Hiro suddenly picked up one of Ryuuichi's markers and leaned over Shuichi's right leg cast. "Speaking of which, best friends sign each other's casts, if I'm not mistaken. Just hope I can find the room, since Sakuma-san pretty much took them both over with his artwork..."

Just as he was signing his name, Yuki came back into the room. He looked at the two men and sighed. "All right, Nakano, what the hell are you doing to him?"

"Signing his cast," Hiro said. He finished and offered Yuki the marker. Yuki didn't take it, so he capped it and put it back in the package.

"Just keep in mind he's not yours," Yuki said gruffly as he turned on his computer.

Hiro grinned smugly. "Actually, Yuki, you forget he was mine loooong before he was yours."

Touma walked into the room then, still smiling though he looked tired. He looked at Shuichi and smiled more. "Shindou-san, we need to get you a wheelchair so you can come down and see them. They are the most beautiful babies you'll ever see. Ryuuichi-san and Mr. K are still downstairs admiring them."

Shuichi smiled and leaned back into his pillows. Well, things might be different now, but it sure was great to be back....

~Curtain falls~

~End of Act 7~

Goo's Note- No, that's not it. I have a prologue planned, too. I don't know when I'll get to it, though, because this Thursday I get to see Meat Loaf live in concert. *Jumps up and down excitedly, then clears throat and regains composure.* Anyway, there's the last real act of the musical. Enjoy.