Goo's Note- I admit it, I'm meandering now. Anyway, I had two choices when it came to representing Episode 7: I could do another "Yuki loves Shuichi but he ain't gonna tell him except in a song he'd never even LISTEN to let alone sing" scene, or I could dwell on Shuichi pretending he's a girl to try to get Yuki back. (Hell, I even found a song so I could do it.) Trust me: this WAS a tough decision, especially since Shuichi's drag period is something most Gravitation fans don't want to look back on, but it IS significant. (Whether we all want to admit it or not.) So my decision? I did both. Hell, I didn't know WHERE I was going here, so be lucky I'm getting something out so quickly. (Actually, that's not true, because Shuichi is singing both songs in this. Alone.)

Disclaimer- *On the phone* Hello? Yes, I'd like to check out a copyright. Do I own the anime series Gravitation? No? Okay, just checking. guess I'd like a small pizza, extra cheese, extra pepperoni. *Hangs up and blushes* Wrong number. Anyway, "I'll Be That Girl" is performed by Barenaked Ladies (I slightly changed one line, but not much, I just didn't like how it looked or sounded and it made the scene in this awkward) and was written by Stephen Duffy and Steven Page. "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" was performed by Meat Loaf and written by....well, three guesses. (I cut the coda off at the end because it's not relevant to this and the song is technically over.) And if anyone is wondering what the hell he won't do (trust me, a lot of people don't get it) the coda just explains that when he says that he means he won't ever leave, lie, cheat, or betray the one he is singing to. So there yah go. But this song is neat in that it IS just a guitar and a piano and a singer, while few songs are.

A/N- I don't specify what game their playing, but I'm thinking something like Trivial Pursuit only instead of filling the pie before you can go to the center to win you just have to go around the board and to the center.

The Life of Shindou Shuichi: A Retrospective in Song

Written by A Guy Named Goo

Act 6: I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)/I'll Be That Girl

Four and a half weeks since Shuichi had entered his coma.

Worry had started to subside. The cast on Shuichi's left arm had been removed, and he was no longer on a resperator, which meant that he was recovering and the chances of another cardiac episode were slim. If he would just wake up then half of his recovery would already be over and he could concentrate on rehabilitation. Doctors had already explained that, if their was no brain damage or if it was minimal, then he would need to learn to walk again and would probably need a brace on his right leg for at least a year after having the cast off. He would also have to wear the neckbrace a little longer, and he had already had surgery to put a metal rod in his spine to keep the four vertibrae in place and until that healed he would have to wear a back brace. And then the fact that he had always been right handed meant he had to learn to do menial tasks with his left hand instead.

But the months of painful physical therapy ahead were the last thing on the minds of the group living in the hospital room. Touma had been keeping a tally of the number of people who had come into the room with an excuse to see them for about four days: 12 nurses had come in just to make sure they didn't need anything, 3 doctors had asked them if they were aware there was a hotel adjoining the hospital, 5 patients had asked for autographs from the various occupants of the room, 9 orderlies had come in with carts of flowers (only to get turned away because there was no room and told to give them to patients that didn't have any flowers), 1 security guard had bravely (and foolishly) told K that it was against hospital policy to have a gun in the building (he promptly ran screaming when K took his gun out from under his pillow, held it up, and asked as innocently as possible "What? This gun?"), and only 4 doctors (one a day) had stopped by to actually check on Shuichi. When Suguru asked what Touma planned to do with the information he had collected, Touma had told him that he would probably use it sue, since it was sad that they could be bothered for trivial things every five minutes but the patient only got checked on once a day.

Right now, aside from keeping a tally of the comings and goings of people in the hospital, four of the occupants were settled in for a board game, set up on K's bed. K and Ryuuichi were sitting on one end, and Hiro and Suguru were sitting on the other, but as it was only a twin-sized bed that meant that the smaller men were practically sitting on the taller men's laps. (Oddly, no one seemed to mind.) What they did seem to mind was that K and Ryuuichi were losing miserably (for the fourth time in a row) and K was not a gracious loser.

Hiro moved his and Suguru's red piece three spaces, as dictated by the die, and landed on a yellow square. K drew a card, read it, and smiled to himself.

"There's no way you'll know this one," he said smugly. "It's an arts and entertainment question."

"We'll see. Just read the question," Hiro ordered.

"All right. What AMERICAN television show was the first to actually show a married couple in the same bed?"

Hiro yawned dramatically. "Mary Kay and Johnny, circa 1954 to 1958. It was also the first syndicated primetime sitcom."

K muttered a particularly strong curse in English and threw down the card, which Hiro put in the back of the box. Suguru handed K the die, and he shook it a little more violently than the game called for, and moved his and Ryuuichi's piece five spaces. It landed on a purple square.

"Grab bag," Hiro announced, picking up the card. "And it's about English phrases! You're in luck!"

It was K's turn to smile smugly as he waited for his question.

"What common saying means to be hippocritical?" Hiro asked.

"Pot calling the kettle black," K said easily.

"Wrong," Hiro said, showing him the card as he went to move K's blue piece back. He felt something cold against his temple, and heard the click of the hammer. He nervously let the piece go and sat up straight again. "But after consulting with the judges we've decided to give it to you."

"That's what I thought," K said, putting his gun back down.

"It's still not enough to win, though," Suguru pointed out, before promptly biting his tongue and hiding his face.

Instead of reaching for his gun, K poked Ryuuichi a bit. "You're a smart guy. Why don't you answer a few of these?"

Ryuuchi shrugged. "I don't really know them. Kumagorou does, though."

K sighed in exhasperation. "Well, then ask him what the answer is."

"I can't. He's not on our team. It'd be cheating."

K rolled his eyes, put Kumagorou in Ryuuichi's lap, and announced "okay, team change. Kumagorou is now on our team."

"Nope, sorry, that'd be cheating," Hiro told him. "You can't change teams in the middle of a game."

"It's a stuffed animal!" K cried.

"Hey!" Ryuuichi shouted back.

"If you get another team member, then so do we," Suguru told K firmly before he and Ryuuichi started arguing over whether Kumagorou was really nothing more than a stuffed animal.

"What?! You're winning! You don't need anyone else!" K cried in outrage.

"If you get Kumagorou, we get Seguchi-san," Suguru announced.

Touma looked up from his notepad, surprised to hear his name. "I'm not getting involved in this. Though if I were to join, I would probably join Ryuuichi-san's team, since they need all the help they can get." He stopped to think for a moment. "Eiri-san, next game do you want to form a team with me? We can probably do better than Mr. K and Ryuuichi-san."

"Oh? So do you think you can beat Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein over there?" K asked, obviously getting very angry.

"I never said that," Touma said, smiling slightly. "I said we could beat you guys. I doubt even Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein could have beaten those two."

K took the pieces off the board and put them in the box, folding the board and putting it away with them. "Game over!"

"Hey! We were still playing!" Hiro fumed, putting the cards into their spot in the box and putting the lid back on.

"Yes, you were. But you're not anymore. If you want to keep playing, then you and the boy wonder can go in the corner and play with each other. And I mean that in more than one sense," K all but growled at them.

Hiro and Suguru looked less than pleased as the got up off the bed and went to their seats to turn on the television.

Yuki stood up, putting his computer aside. "Amusing as all of this is, I really need a cigarette."

"So do I," Hiro announced, following Yuki out of the room.

The people remaining looked at each other for a moment.

"Shouldn't someone go and make sure they don't try to set each other on fire with their lighters?" Suguru asked finally.

Touma shook his head. "No. This hospital has a burn ward."


Shuichi could feel a dull ache as he clammored to his feet. The words "Act six" echoed in his head, though he could tell from who or where it came. The pain wasn't really there, he knew, but in his mind he couldn't shake it. The blood and ripped clothes were gone, and instead he was wearing the clothes he had been wearing when he found himself in Hiro's room. The curtain rose, and the lights came on over him, illuminating Hiro's bedroom, the place where he'd made his vow.

He knew there was a monologue coming on. He hated it, but trying to fight it had proven fruitless in the past. Besides, the sooner he said it and got it over with, the sooner it would all be said and done.

"When I woke up the next day at Hiro's," he began. "All I could think about was Yuki. About what I had done for him the night before. About how he had thrown me out. But I knew that I couldn't give up on him. I would do anything to make him love me, and it didn't matter what."

The scenary fell back, as if it were made of cardboard, and mist began to fill the stage. He looked behind him to see Suguru sitting at a piano and Hiro holding his guitar, both wearing their concert clothes. Shuichi looked down and saw that he was also wearing his concert clothes now. A piano solo started, and then the guitar joined. Finally, the introduction ended, and only Suguru was playing as Shuichi joined with his singing.

"And I would do anything for love/I'd run right into hell and back," he sang. "I would do anything for love/I'd never lie to you and that's a fact..."

He walked closer to the edge of the stage. "But I'll never forget the way you feel right now/Oh no, no way/And I would do anything for love/But I won't do that..." He threw his head back. "Oh I won't do that!"

An invisable chorus joined in with him, as well as Hiro on guitar. "I would do anything for love/Oh I would do anything for love!/I would do anything for love/But I won't that...." He backed up further on the stage. "No, I won't do that!"

Suddenly, right where he had been standing, a smoke bomb exploded as the music picked up. When the smoke subsided, Shuichi was still standing at the mic stand, but he wasn't holding the mic.

"Some days it don't come easy/And some days it don't come hard/Some days it don't come at all and/These are the days that never end!" He raised his hand. "And some nights you're breathing fire-" Suddenly, fire shot up behind Suguru. "And some nights you're carved in ice-" he brought down his hand, and a jet of water and blue light sprayed behind Hiro. "Some nights you're like nothing I've ever/Seen before or will again!" Both effects disappeared and the stage darkened.

"Oh maybe it's crazy..." he started to walk forward, looking at the stage. "Oh, it's crazy and it's true/I know you can save me/No one else can save me now but you..."

He looked up. "As long as the planets are turning!" Suddenly, a thousand small lights appeared above him. "As long as the stars are burning!/As long as your dreams are coming true/You'd better believe it!"

The lights turned off and the mist continued to roll across the stage. "That I would do anything for love/And I'll be there 'till the final act/I would do anything for love/And I'd take the vow and seal the pact..."

A light suddenly appeared right above him, but he continued to stare at his feet. "But I'll never forgive myself/If we don't go all the way/Tonight..." He walked out of the light, and it shut off, and walked back to the mic stand. "And I would do anything for love/And I would do anything for love!/Oh I would do anything for love/But I won't do that/No I won't do that-"

Suddenly, he was joined by an invisable chorus as another explosion rocked the stage and glitter began to rain down. "I would do anything for love/Anything you've been dreaming of/But I just won't do that/Oh I would do anything for love/Anything you've been dreaming of/But I just won't do that/I would do anything for love/Anything you've been dreaming of/But I just won't do that!"

A piano and guitar solo started, then was joined by the chorus. Shuichi waited for his time to sing again, shaking the glitter of his hair.

He grabbed the microphone when his cue came. "And some days I pray for silence/And somedays I pray for soul..." A light suddenly shined on him. "Some nights I just pray to the god of/Sex and drums and rock and roll..."

Suddenly, another voice interrupted him, taking the song. He looked at the edge of the stage, where he had once been standing, and saw Yuki standing there. "And some nights I lose the feeling/And some nights I lose control/Some nights I just lose it all when I/Watch you dance and the thunder rolls!"

Shuichi approached Yuki, who backed away just as another smoked bomb exploded, seperating them. Yuki still sang. "And maybe I'm lonely/That's all I'm qualified to be/But there's just one and only/One and only promise I can keep..."

He walked through the smoke and approached Shuichi. "As long as the wheels are turning/As long as the fires are burning/As long as your prayers are coming true/You'd better believe it!"

Shuichi took the next verse. "And I would do anything for love!/And you know it's true and that's a fact!/And I would do anything for love!/And there'd never be no turning back!"

He took Yuki's hand and leaned in close to his ear as he sang softly. "And I'll never do it better than I do it with you/So long.../So long..." He let Yuki's hand go and took a step back. "And I would do anything for love!/Oh I would do anything for love!/I would do anything for love!/But I won't do that!/No, No, No I won't do that!"

The chorus joined him again as he ran behind Yuki. "I would do anything for love/Anything you've been dreaming of/But I just won't do that!" He ran to beside him. "Oh I would do anything for love/Anything you've been dreaming of/But I just won't do that!" He ran in front of him. "I would do anything for love/Anything you've been dreaming of/But I just won't do-"

Yuki put his hand on Shuichi's cheek to interrupt him. "And I'll never stop dreaming of you every night of my life/No way..."

Shuichi finished what he had been singing. "I would do anything for love/Oh I would do anything for love/I would do anything for love/But I won't do that..." He embraced Yuki. "No, I won't do that..."

The lights shut off, and the curtain fell, and once again Shuichi found himself holding nothing but air.


Two more days passed without incident. Other than Hiro accidentally burning Yuki on the hand with a cigarette (which he swore was an accident) nothing too terribly eventful had happened except Hiro and Suguru had announced they were also going to live out of the hospital room and were now sharing a sleeping bag on the floor just below the television, which, though in the way, was the only available place to put a sleeping bag. (They claimed they were sharing because there wasn't enough room for two sleeping bags, but everyone doubted that.)

It was now one in the morning. K was asleep on his bed, his shirt almost completely removed and Ryuuchi curled up against him, his ear over his heart, also fast asleep and clutching Kumagorou. Hiro and Suguru were nestled together in the sleeping bag, their faces barely visable as the drawstring at the top had been drawn almost completely closed. Touma was dressed in the black silk pajamas he usually wore to bed and asleep in his bed. The television was on, but the volume was so low that no one could hear it unless they strained to. Only Yuki was still awake, stretched out on his bed, wearing his black sweatpants and an open dark blue shirt and his glasses, typing furiously on his laptop.

At least, Yuki thought he was the only one awake. He didn't notice Touma shift positions, stretch out, then stand and pad softly over to Yuki's bed. He didn't even notice that Touma was looking over his shoulder until he cleared his throat, the sudden noise causing him to nearly drop his computer and his glasses to fall forward slightly.

"Don't do that, please and thank you," he said evenly as he readjusted his glasses and continued typing.

"Why aren't you asleep?" Touma asked. "You don't sleep very much anymore. That can't be healthy."

"I sleep enough," was the curt reply. "Besides, since when have I worried about my health?"

Touma just sighed. "Eiri-san, I know you're worried about him, but you don't sleep, unless people bring you food you live off nothing but coffee and cigarettes, and you won't stop working. I know continuing to work is your way of coping, but have you given any thought to what you will do if he doesn't make it?"

"Call Tatsuha and tell him to make way because I'm joining him in becoming a monk."

"Be serious, Eiri-san."

Yuki sighed and saved what he was writing, turning off his laptop and setting it aside and removing his glasses. "I wasn't joking. Not completely, anyway." He paused for a moment, glancing at the television. An old black and white sitcom was on, and he could hear the faint sound of a very fake laugh track. "This will be the second time I've lost someone I cared deeply about. And the second time it will have been my fault. If that isn't a sign that I wasn't ever meant to be happy then I don't know what is."

Touma's expression softened a bit as he sat at the edge of the bed. "Neither time was your fault, Eiri-san. The first was mine, and this time was the fault of a stranger who is now paying dearly for what he did. And there is no reason why you shouldn't have a chance to be happy. You are just as entitled to happiness as anyone else. Just...maybe these are signs that those specific relationships weren't meant to be. That doesn't mean that everyone who gets close to you is going to die until you find the right person, of course."

"Then what does it mean? Because that's certainly how I see it," Yuki said softly, more to himself. "I think I'll just stay celibate. Become a hermit. Lock myself in my house and become a recluse. Send my next novel off to the publisher, collect the royalties, hire help to get my groceries for me, and never leave for anything or anyone. That's the only way people will stay safe."

Touma reached out and pulled Yuki close to him. "Don't do that, Eiri-san. You are not to blame. You are not cursed. You shouldn't deprive yourself of happiness just because something bad happened."

Yuki closed his eyes, just enjoying being close to Touma. He'd always felt safe when he was around, like nothing and no one could ever harm him. It was that comfort and security that made him so close to Touma in the first place, but sometimes he suspected Touma's interest in him was more than just brotherly concern. He could feel Touma's fingers threading through his unkempt hair, and opened his eyes, moving his head up slightly so he was looking at the older man.

"You know, Eiri-san, no matter how this all turns out, when it's over we both have to face the prospect of returning home. Only now I have no home to return to," Touma said in a voice that implied he was going somewhere with this line of reasoning.

"Well, you have enough money and resources. It shouldn't be too hard for you to find a new place," Yuki told him, mostly trying to keep from finding out what he was thinking.

"No, it wouldn't," Touma agreed. "But...if Shuichi doesn't make it, then we'll both be alone. I was thinking...maybe I could live with you, if that is the situation, for a little while, until we both get used to being on our own."

"I fail to see how being together would help us adjust to being alone," Yuki pointed out. He gently pushed Touma away and leaned back in his bed. "And anyway, I don't think that would work. Especially since Mika is my sister. Having you living with me would be like stabbing her in the back."

"No, Eiri-san, you aren't seeing what I am getting at," Touma continued. He leaned forward some more so that their lips brushed against each other as he spoke. "I want to be with you, Eiri-san. Maybe Shindou-san wasn't meant to be, but maybe you and I are. You are the person I love the most in the entire world, and you always were. I didn't marry Mika-san for you, but I stayed with her for you." He pressed his lips against Yuki's. Yuki was too shocked to push him away, and they held that way for a moment before Touma tried to force his tongue into Yuki's mouth, his hand sliding under his shirt and brushing over a nipple. This time Yuki pushed him away more forcefully.

"No, Seguchi," Yuki said at last. Touma seemed surprised to hear him call him that. "I don't love you that way, and I don't think I ever will. You are like an older brother to me, and that's all I want to see you as. Please go back into bed and forget that tonight happened so that I can still see you as my older brother and nothing more."

Touma just stood there beside Yuki's bed, blinking. Yuki was sure that he saw tears brimming his eyes. He sighed and shook his head.

"Seguchi....Touma....Shuichi might not die. You are assuming he will. If he does, heavens forbid, my defenses will be down. You're right in that I don't want to be alone, and I know that you don't either. I might ask you to live with me. And I would really appreciate it if you didn't take advantage of that and refused, because while you might see something between you and me working, I don't, and it'd hurt too much if I lost you, too. I wouldn't survive that. Yes, Touma, I do love you, but I don't want to be your lover, and I never will," Yuki told him cooly. He rubbed his eyes, suddenly feeling very tired. "But if Shuichi survives, you are more than welcome to stay with us for a few days until you can get settled in somewhere else. But if you try to interfere in our life together, I reserve the right to throw you out. Everyone knows I don't like it when guests overstay their welcome."

Touma walked back over to his bed. After he was settled in and covered up, he turned to look at Yuki again. "Eiri-san...if you had never met Shindou-san....would I have had a chance?"

Yuki shook his head, lighting a cigarette, forgetting where he was. "No. And that's why I want you to stop holding his relationship with me against him. Understand?"

Touma only nodded slightly and pulled his blanket up to his chin.


Shuichi was definately starting to hate this show now, not just because it was forcing him to live through moments of his life that he really didn't want to go through again, but also because it kept teasing him, it seemed. He just wanted to get the show over with no, whether he lived or not.

He looked down at his clothes...and blushed. He was wearing his sailor-style outfit that he had worn to try to win Yuki back. He looked around to see if anyone was watching him. Much to his horror, the curtain rose, and behind him was a set of outside Yuki's old apartment building. The Yuki actor that loved to tease him so was standing there.

And, as if to add insult to injury, he also felt another monologue coming on, as well as another horrible song. He looked at the Yuki actor, then his clothes, then the audience. He smiled nervously, curtsied (against his will) and began to speak at last.

"Well, when I vowed to do anything to win back Yuki, I did mean everything," he said, lifting the corner of his skirt a tiny bit. "I thought that he didn't like me because I was a man, so that if I impersonated a girl he would want me back. Boy, was I wrong..."

The music started, and Shuichi took his position in front of Yuki before he started to sing. "If I were with you/And how I wish I were with you/All the things I'd do/To make myself turn blue..."

He reached up to the scarf around his neck. "I supposed/I'd start by removing all my clothes.." he pulled off the scarf. "Tie my panyhose/Around my neck..." He put the scarf around Yuki's shoulders, then grabbed a nearby streetlight, holding both of his hands behind him and leaning against it.

"I'll be that girl!" he sang. "And you would be right over..." He beconed Yuki closer, and he just shook his head. "If I were a field/You would be in clover/If I were the sun/You would be in shadow/And if I had a gun/There'd be no tomorrow..."

Shuichi let the pole go. "If you will not have me as myself/Perhaps as someone else," he sang, gesturing at his clothes. "Perhaps to you/I'd be worth noticing..."

He wrapped his arms around Yuki's neck. "Then even a eunuch won't resist/The magic of a kiss/From such as me..."

He leaned in as if he was going to kiss Yuki, then suddenly pulled away, grabbing the pole and spinning around as he sang. "I'll be that girl!" He let go and flew into Yuki. "And you would be right over/And if I were a field/You would be in clover." He pulled away and backed up a few steps. "If I were the sun/You would be in shadow..." He turned away and walked further away from Yuki.

He kicked out his foot, causing his shoe to fly off, narrowly missing Yuki. "It's time to kick off your shoes/Learn how to choose sadness..." He walked over and tugged off Yuki's jacket, throwing it. "It's time to throw off those chains/Addle our brains/With madness!"

He grabbed Yuki's arm and moved him to the street light. "We've got plenty of time/To grow old and die!/But when at last your beauty's faded/You'll be glad I have waited for you!"

He braced his feet on the cement block holding the streetlight in place and put his hands on Yuki's shoulders. "When you're done/With being beautiful and young..." He leaned in and half-whispered and half-sang into Yuki's ear. "When that course has run/Then come to me..."

He let Yuki go and jumped to the ground in front of him. "I'll be that girl!/And you would be right over..." He pulled Yuki to him again. "And if I were a field/You would be in clover!" He let Yuki go and grabbed the pole, spinning around. "And if I were the sun/You would be in shadow!" He let go of the pole and leaned against it. "And if I had a gun/There'd be no tomorrow!/There'd be no tomorrow!/There'd be no tomorrow!"

The music faded out, and the Yuki actor only snorted and walked off the stage. The curtain came down with a thud, and Shuichi looked down, relieved that he was no longer wearing the dress. Well, at least that part was over.

"Get ready for act seven!" Touma shouted from off stage.

Shuichi actually found himself groaning.

~Curtain Falls~

~End of Act 6~

Goo's Note- Just wanted to get a few things clear:

1.) I have nothing against Touma. I have nothing against Mika. I have nothing against them together. What I am going for is that while Shuichi is in his coma everything is changing radically, hence the strange couples forming, Touma making the moves on Yuki (which I honestly think he would have done had Shuichi not gotten involved), and Touma and Mika splitting.

2.) As I've said, I don't support HiroxSuguru as a rule, and I think it's a couple people made up just as an excuse to give every remotely cute guy in the show a partner. But when the only alternative is HiroxAyaka...well....*Holds up HiroxSuguru banner* Go HiroxSuguru!

3.) Yes, I have a problem with Ayaka. Even after what she did in episode 7, she still falls with Relena from Gundam Wing and Sora from Digimon in the Hall of Annoying Anime Bitches That Deserve Long and Painful Deaths. I don't care who Hiro ends up with, just NOT her. He can do better than that pretentious bitch. Also, considering that this is a yaoi series, I think Murakaki-sempai (I am a manga writer/creator, so I can safely call her a superior in the same line of work that I am in) specially formulated her to not be likable.

4.) I think I am going to skip Nittle Grasper getting back together and the million albums for a date deal, partially because I don't have any songs for those and because I want to wrap this up so I can move on, as I have other inspirations and this is getting too long as it is. So the next chapter is going to be Yuki going to New York and Shuichi's feelings about that and then the finalé. I know I am skipping a lot, but I'm stretching now and I don't want to do EVERYTHING that happens in the show, since most of it is important and you've all seen the show and know what happens. At least, I hope you have if you are reading this...

5.) The "I'll Be that Girl" scene has been the easiest musical scene for me to write so far, God help me...(I guess that's what happens when you add crossdressers liberally in your own series.)

PLUG!! Go to will like it. I garentee it. (Okay, I wouldn't put money on that, but even non-yaoi fans like it, and that's saying something.)