Goo's Note- I don't know what I'm doing anymore, and I am trying to put off the major thing with Aizawa for at least another act, but since me and my friends couldn't think of anything 100% significant to the plot before then (other than the Ayaka junk, but since it's the end of the live show where you get Shuichi's feelings, I won't do anything with that), this is about Bad Luck's live show (second, from episode five, and speaking of which Bad Luck REALLY needs a second song. Rage Beat is only going to carry them so far) and a little something from Yuki's point of view. (Yes, Yuki is going to sing! And it's a song you'd never expect him to sing, but I love how the song conveys the singer's disbelief that someone can love him for no reason that he can even begin to fathom.) The part with Yuki is a little blurred together, taking things he said in episodes two, five, and the beginning of six (which was just what was said at the end of five). Trust me, next act will be much more plot-filled and significant.

Disclaimer- Gravitation still ain't mine. And as for the songs, "The Best of Times" is originally performed by Styx and was written by Dennis DeYoung. (I chose it because it has a good synth and guitar part and because of how it changes tones a lot. The lyrics also sound pretty good in relation to Shuichi's feelings). "Making Love Out of Nothing At All" was performed by Air Supply (REALLY sappy group from the 70s famous for their cavity-inducing, sugary-sweet love songs. This song was their last single from 1985 though, and it's a little different, mostly because it has a different songwriter. It's also MUCH better than their other junk.) and was written by (SURPRISE!) Jim Steinman! (Toldya I loved him...)

A/N- Slight spoiler (just that Mika is pregnant, which is implied at the end of the series). That, and NOW I'm implying stuff between K and Ryuuichi. (Hey, people have come out with stranger couples.) Damn me and my imagination...

The Life of Shindou Shuichi: A Retrospective in Song

Written by A Guy Named Goo

Act 4: The Best of Times/Making Love Out of Nothing At All

~Curtain Rises~

It was late afternoon when Yuki went back into the hospital room, carrying a suitcase that contained his clothes, his razor, his shampoo, his toothbrush, his toothpaste, his soap, and one of Shuichi's outfits for when they could take him home. (If they could, of course.) He also had his laptop in a case he was carrying, trying to keep from dropping it as he held a cup of coffee in the same hand. Lately he'd been mostly living off coffee, which was his secret to stomaching the hospital food.

Inside the room, Touma was slouching sideways in the same chair he had been in when Yuki left, fast asleep. He noticed with surprise that not only was Ryuuichi gone, but so was Shuichi.

Yuki let his bag drop unneccesarily hard to produce a loud "thud", which he knew would wake Touma. He was surprised his footsteps hadn't done that, since Touma was famous for being a light sleeper. It worked, and Touma sat bolt upright, looking for the source of the disturbance, and seeing Yuki, he relaxed and bit, yawning and stretching.

"Welcome back, Eiri-san," he said mid-yawn.

"Where is he?" Yuki demanded, looking at the hospital bed.

Touma also looked. "I tried to call you, but you must have already been on your way here. He's in surgery. Another skin graft on his arm. Nothing that should be life-threatening. He'll be back by late evening," he explained.

Yuki audibly sighed with relief, not afraid to show SOME emotion around his older brother figure. He handed Touma the cup of coffee and put his bag between the two beds. The spot he had cleared for his laptop now had a huge flower arrangement resting on it, and he picked it up and placed it on the floor so he could set his computer down.

"This is his third skin graft on that arm," Yuki muttered as he found an available outlet and plugged his computer in to recharge.

Touma nodded sadly. "I know. The doctor said this is the last one they are going to attempt. If his arm doesn't start healing and producing healthy tissue on it's own, they'll have to amputate. Hopefully this one works."

Yuki sighed and looked around the room. It was so empty and quiet without Shuichi and Ryuuichi in there. Though he didn't exactly like hearing Ryuuichi sobbing for hours on end or listening to Shuichi's life support, it at least filled the room with some noise.

"Where's Sakuma?" he asked at last.

Touma sipped at the coffee. "K came in. I made him take Ryuuichi-san to his place. He was awake and he didn't want to leave, but I told him Shuichi would be in surgery most of the day and he wouldn't be able to watch him, anyway, and that he needed a shower, a decent meal, and to sleep in a bed. He left, but K was all but carrying him. His back and neck are still sore." Touma stood and stretched fully. "And I can definately see why. I only slept in that chair one night and my back is killing me. He was there almost continuiously for nine days."

There was a few moments of silence in the room. Touma's phone rang, but Touma made no motion to answer it.

"Aren't you going to get that?" Yuki asked after about four rings.

Touma shook his head. "I know who it is. And I don't feel much like talking to them right now." After the ringing stopped, he took his phone from his pocket, read the number on the screen, then sighed and shut it off completely. "Yes, it was exactly who I thought it was."

"I like to think I know you as well as you know me," Yuki said suddenly.

Touma nodded slightly. "Yes, that's a pretty good assumption."

"After all, I'm the only person who knows you have a third nipple besides Mika," Yuki told him with a small smile.

Touma suddenly blushed and cleared his throat, an uncharacteristic gesture for the NG President. "Well, not quite...Ryuuichi-san and Noriko-chan know, too...but I fail to see what that has to do with anything."

"My point is that just like you knew it was guilt as well as concern keeping me here, I know that there's something other than concern keeping you here. Concern for either Shuichi or myself. I think you're hiding here."

Touma looked away. "So it was that obvious when I shut off my phone?"

"You're trying to keep from going home, aren't you?" Yuki asked him.

There was another awkward silence. Then Touma sighed and looked over at Yuki. There appeared to be tears brimming his eyes, much to Yuki's surprise. "Mika and I....our marriage isn't working out the way we want it to. I brought her with me to Los Angeles so that after my meeting we could have a second honeymoon, so to speak, and try to make things work. But she took me being called back here as an omen that it wasn't meant to work. And then, on the plane..." Touma stopped and swallowed. "Twins. She's going to have twins. In just over three months time I'll be a father of two. It's...overwhelming. Surely you noticed she was hiding here herself at first. I'm only hiding here to keep from hiding out at the bar. It wouldn't be very fatherly of me to get falling over drunk when I hear something that I should be excited about."

"You don't want to be a father?" Yuki asked solemnly. In his mind, he was trying to recover from the shock. He did think his sister was getting very big very fast, but he'd never made a comment about it, mostly because he didn't know how big pregnant women usually got or at what rate. Then he realized he was going to be an uncle of two....

Touma took a long drink of his coffee. "It's...hard to explain. Initially, no, I didn't. I never wanted to have children. I mean, the fact that I'm 32 and still childless should confirm that. But when I found out Mika was pregnant...suddenly, it seemed like the greatest thing on earth. Maybe because I felt it could save our marriage. But twins? Two? How can either one of us deal with that?" He finished off his coffee, and Yuki could tell he wished he had something stronger. "She told me she wants to leave me. She just doesn't know when. If she leaves now, she'll have to worry about being pregnant with twins and finding someplace to live and some means of supporting herself, but at least then the children will be born not knowing their parents were ever together. But if she stays, she'll have to deal with me getting close to them and them getting close to me. I told her that she can have the house, the cars, as much money as she could ever doesn't matter to me. In fact, I think I'll be the one who ends up leaving. I just want to have joint custody of our children. I told her the only way I'll ever feel otherwise is if she can prove their not mine. Since she agreed to this arrangement, I'm hoping that means they are mine. That, or she doesn't want me to get a paternity test and seeing that she cheated on me. But then, if she did that and proved they weren't mine, I'd be out of her life forever. I'm just so confused right now. I needed some time away, some time to think."

Yuki stared at the cieling. He didn't know what to say. He'd never been married (though he'd come close...more times then most people knew), and he'd never wanted to be a father at all. (Though no one knew it, when he was 20 he'd gotten a vasectomy for that reason, when he was still sleeping with many women.) Now someone who'd been like an older brother to him growing up was having to deal with a failing marriage and impending fatherhood times two.

"Did you ever love her?" Yuki asked. The question had plagued him for almost seven years, how long Touma had been married to Mika.

Touma crushed the cup in his hand. "I thought I did. Surely you heard the talk, that I only married her for you. Though you also know that's impossible because we were married before I met you. You were added bonus, so to speak. And one reason I tried to make it work for so long. I think, at the time, I was searching for something permenant. Something secure. I was in a profession that was unsteady at best, where our success was riding on the opinions of others. I had no really strong relationships, no one home, I didn't know where I'd wake up, or with who, for that matter. I needed something that I knew would always be there, and a wife seemed logical. Mika and I had only dated for two months before we got married, I was in such a hurry to get something I could hold onto. And that was what made me stay for so long, though it's quite obvious that we aren't your portrait of wedded bliss and we never were. And that's the main reason I want to have a chance to see my children. Because they're mine, and they're permenant."

Yuki stood up and stetched. He needed a smoke. "Maybe Sakuma has something with his regression thing. At least, before all this with Shuichi, he seemed happy enough. At the very least he was coping."

Touma also stood up. "Our lives are going to hell in a handbasket."

"Well, at least we can commiserate. They say misery loves company..."


Shuichi looked around the empty stage. Where had Yuki gone?

"It's time for act four," Hiro's voice said from no where, cutting through the silence. A blue spotlight came on, highlighting Hiro standing with his guitar. On the other side of the stage, a pink one came on, highlighting Suguru, who, Shuichi noted, hadn't been seen or heard from since before the show began. He was standing at his keyboard, and both of them were in their concert clothes.

"Fujisaki?" he murmured, before a yellow spotlight shone on him. Ordinarilly, he wouldn't have been blinded or caught off guard, but not this time. He looked down, recognizing his concert outfit. He was also holding a microphone, though a split second earlier he'd felt nothing solid in his hand. Actually, he still felt nothing solid. He felt nothing, period, except for the emotions attached to the scene.

He looked out at the audience. No faces were visable, only two figures standing in back: Yuki and Ayaka. Swallowing, Shuichi lifted the microphone. He suddenly felt another monologue coming on, against his will. He wasn't sure how this place worked, but he definately didn't like it. Not one bit. Especially since he didn't seem to have any will of his own. He felt like a puppet here, and the puppeteer was moving him and speaking through him.

"This was out first live show," Shuichi said into the microphone. "It was at Ruido, the famous live house where Nittle Grasper played their first live show. Before the show, I was preoccupied, and no one knew what I was going to do. So I did what I thought felt right, what K had told me to do..."

Just then the music began to play. He looked back at one of the figures in the back of the room. He could have sworn the theatre looked smaller now, but he couldn't confirm it as his cue to sing came up.

"Tonight's the night we'll make history/Honey, you and I/'Cause I'll take any risk/To tie back the hands of time/And stay with you here tonight," Shucihi sang. He looked next to him and noticed a mic stand. He put down the microphone to free his hands, not losing eye contact with Yuki. "I know you feel/These are the worst of times/I do believe it's true/When people lock their doors/And hide inside/Rumor has it it's the end of paradise."

"But I know," Shuichi looked down at the stage. "If the world just passed us by-" he threw his head back up. "Baby, I know! I wouldn't have to cry, no no!"

He took the microphone back off of it's stand as he continued to sing, walking across the stage. "The best of times/Are when I'm alone with you/Some rain, some shine/We'll make this a world for two!"

He grabbed the mic stand, leaning against it. "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime/We'll take the best, forget the rest, and someday we'll find..."

Suddenly, invisable back-up singers began to sing as he supported himself on the mic stand. "These are the best/Of times!/These are the best/Of times!"

A guitar solo began, and Shuichi put his microphone back on it's stand. He swallowed and stared at Yuki as the solo finished, then grabbed the mic stand again. "The headlines read these are the worst of times/I do believe it's true/I feel so helpless, like a boat against the tide/I wish the summer wind could bring back paradise..."

He took the microphone off it's stand again. and walked to the edge of the stage. "But I know/If turned upside down/Baby, I know!/You would always be around, my my!"

The other singers took over again. "The best of times/Are when I'm alone with you/Some rain, some shine/We'll make this a world for two!"

"When I'm alone with you!" Shuichi interupted. "Everything's all right!"

"The best of times/Are when I'm alone with you/Some rain, some shine/We'll make this a world for two!"

"When I'm alone with you!/You brighten up the night!"

The music suddenly stopped, as Shuichi screamed out "YUKI IS MINE!!"

The spotlights shut off, except a white one on Shuichi and another on Yuki. Then that, too, turned off, and Shuichi was left standing alone again as the curtain dropped. No applause, only deafening silence.


Time was passing achingly slow. Yuki and Touma were the only ones sitting in the hospital room, waiting for Shuichi to come back. Or anything else to happen, for that matter, as the time since they had left for a quick break after Touma's confession had passed in a highly awkward silence.

The door opened, and Yuki (who had managed to find some entertainment in organzing the flowers and gifts by size and color) darted back into his seat, lest anyone see him busying himself with flowers. He was secretly hoping the doctors were bringing Shuichi back into the room, but no such luck. It was Sakano, Suguru, and Hiro. And Hiro looked more pissed than ever.

Suguru sat near his cousin, Sakano sat near the door, and Hiro merely stood in the center of the room, surveying it, as if looking for something.

"Okay, where the hell is he?" he asked at last.

"Surgery," Yuki said gruffily. He'd never seen Nakano Hiroshi this hostile, not even when he'd run into him after the incident with Aizawa, and though he'd never admit it, it was frightening him.

"On his arm," Touma further explained, sensing the tension (to say the least) between the two younger men. "He'll be back any minute now."

Hiro looked at the empty hospital bed, still scowling, then took a seat next to Sakano (which placed him directly across from Yuki, allowing him to glare at him). Yuki noted with mild curiosity that he appeared to be shaking a bit.

"You'll have to excuse him," Surugu said after Hiro sat down. "He found out a few days ago that Shuichi was hit buying cigarettes, and he's trying to quit smoking. Cold turkey. As you can plainly see, it's making him quite irritable, and he wasn't exactly in a good mood before then...."

Sakano was looking at Hiro rather nervously. He loosened his tie, swallowed, then stood up, muttered something along the lines that he was excusing himself, and left the room.

"He also nearly took off poor Sakano-san's head this morning when he found out we couldn't go to the hospital until we answered a few questions for the press, and then acted very rude toward the interviewers, so Sakano-san is trying to avoid him," Suguru further explained.

Hiro gritted his teeth. "Yeah, so I'm in a bad mood. So what?" Hiro snapped. "At least I can say it's because I'm trying to quit smoking. What the hell is your excuse?!" He stood up and removed his denim-jacket. "I think you just need to get laid. Maybe then you wouldn't be so uptight and it might kill the bug up your ass!"

Suguru gasped, then blushed, mentally reminding himself it was the nicotine craving talking, not Hiro. Touma bit his lip, trying to prevent himself from laughing at the comment about his tightly-wound cousin. Yuki, on the other hand, was much better at hiding how amused he was with the remark. Nicotine fit-induced or not, it was funny and probably true.

Hiro sat back down in his chair and proceeded to look for something to keep his hands busy. He continued to glare at Yuki. "And what about you, asshole?" he said at last after he found a pack of gum in his pocket. "I'm quitting smoking and I had nothing to do with it." He put a stick of gum in his mouth. "He got hit buying your cigarettes and you aren't even making an effort!"

Yuki had to mentally count down from ten before he spoke, making sure his voice was as cool an even as possible. "I do know what he was doing when he got hit. You think I haven't already blamed myself for it? Ask Touma if you think I haven't. But quitting smoking would make me more irritable and more anxious, and that's not something I need right now. After all this is over and I know the outcome, I assure you I fully plan on quitting."

Hiro opened his mouth to respond, but Touma spoke before he could. "Where's Mr. K? I thought for sure he would be with you."

Suguru shook his head. "No. We assumed he would be here. He didn't show up at the press conference. Poor Sakano-san had to deal with both Nakano-san on the warpath and having to keep us in line during the conference because of it. When all of this first started, the doctors gave him medication to control his blood pressure, but something tells me it's not healthy to keep swallowing one after another like they're candy..."

"I think he could use a good roll in the hay, too," Hiro put in. "I'll bet he's never been to bed with anyone. A 29 year old virgin. Pathetic. Hey, Fujisaki, maybe you can go to bed together and solve both your problems!"

Yuki was sick of this guy now. The first remark was cute, but now it as just getting plain aggrivating, and he already felt a migraine coming on. He'd tried quitting smoking in the past, and he knew how cranky the nicotine withdrawls made you, but usually one could stay within the realm of good taste and have some control over what they were saying while they were going through them.

"Nakano, shut the hell up," Yuki said at last. "I don't know how things work in your world, but in the real world not every problem is solved by a good fuck!"

"Language!" a familiar voice warned in English, albiet more jovially than the situation called for. Everyone in the room looked at the still-open door. Standing in it was K, hands planted firmly in his pockets, lopsided grin on his face, and Sakuma Ryuuichi firmly attached to his hip, it would seem. Ryuuichi was holding Kumagorou by the arm, and had his arms wrapped tightly around K's waist, his face buried in his side. As K stepped forward into the room, and Ryuuichi stepped with him, nearly tripping with the sudden movement but not letting the other man go.

K sat in the chair next to Yuki, Ryuuichi falling into the one next to him easilly as he did. No one was sure what to make of this strange sight, especially since K seemed to be ignoring it all together.

"Um...Mr. K, not to be rude, but why is Ryuuichi holding you like that?" Touma asked nervously.

Hiro was fumbling with his pack of gum, obviously wishing it was a pack of cigarettes instead. "Isn't it obvious? They must of knocked boots last night and now Ryuuichi won't leave him alone. You feed a cat once and it keeps coming back, expecting more..."

"Is sex the only thing you can think about?" Yuki asked Hiro icily. He'd never heard of someone getting horny as a result of nicotine withdrawl...

"Nothing happened. Honestly," K assured them. "We went to my house, and his back and neck still hurt so after he laid down I gave him a massage. He fell asleep in the middle of it. He woke up late this afternoon, ate something, took a shower, changed his clothes, then latched onto me, and he's been that way ever since." He shrugged. "If letting him hang onto me keeps him from crying and helps him cope, then I guess I'm doing my part of the effort, especially since I don't really have to do anything."

"What the hell do you know about massage?" Hiro snapped, ignoring the fact that this man had a gun and absolutely no hang-ups about aiming it at people's heads.

K let this slide, sensing that Hiro obviously wasn't himself. "Back in the CIA, we'd have to stand or crouch in uncomfortable positions for hours on end. The guys who knew massage were gods, so I took a class. I got more money, free food, and free gun tune-ups and repairs that way."

"I still don't buy it..." Hiro muttered, taking out another stick of gum and putting it in his mouth, ignoring that he was already chewing a piece.

K looked over at Suguru. "Before I shoot him, can you tell me whether there's something going on that's effecting his mental health right now?"

"He's trying to quit smoking," Suguru explained once again. "It's making him irritable. It's also making him obsessed with sex, for some strange reason."

"Ah. I see. Then I guess I'll let it go...for now."

It was at that moment the door opened again. Two orderlies came in with a gurney, two more blocking the others from seeing anything no matter what angle they were sitting at. Everyone held their breath as limbs were placed in the pulleys of the traction system and the respirator and EKG were hooked back up and turned on. The orderlies left, closing the door behind them.

There was Shuichi again, his limbs in casts and in the traction system...except for his right arm. It took them a few moments to realize what was strange about this picture, and they all realized it at once: his right arm, from about 3 centimetres above his elbow down, was completely gone, bound off tightly with bandages.

Yuki shot from his seat so fast that the chair fell over and stomped into the hall, catching up with one of the orderlies and grabbing her arm.

"What the hell happened to him?!" he snarled in the woman's face.

"You're...Yuki Eiri..." she murmured, but seeing how angry he was, she swallowed and answered the question. "In surgery...there were some complications. They found dead muscle tissue, so they had no choice but to amputate. There was no hope of it healing, and there was a severe risk of infection."

Yuki released the woman's arm, realizing hurting her wasn't going to change the fact that Shuichi's arm had been amputated. Without saying another word, he turned around and headed back toward the room. Hiro was standing next to Shuichi's bed, Ryuuichi had buried his face into K's side and was sobbing with K rubbing his back slightly, and Suguru had looked away. Touma was the only one who looked at Yuki as he walked into the room.

"They said they found dead muscle tissue and there was no saving it, so they amputated," Yuki announced. Hiro looked at him, scowled, then reached and hesitantly touched the bandages on what was left of his arm, as if it would prove it hadn't been taken off at all.

Suddenly, Hiro whirled around so he was face-to-face with Yuki. He had a feral look in his eye, and Yuki almost took a step back. Suddenly, Hiro reached out. Everyone expected him to hit him, but instead he reached into the pocket on the front of his shirt, taking out his cigarettes and lighter.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Yuki growled.

Hiro turned to leave the room. "What the hell does it look like?! This is your fault, you bastard! You and your fucking cigarettes' fault! So let me have one of these fucking cigarettes that my best friend had to lose an arm over!"

"But Nakano-san, you're supposed to be quitting-" Suguru started.

"Fuck you!" Hiro shouted from the hallway.

Everyone looked at the door for a moment, before averting their gaze back to Shuichi.


Shuichi closed his eyes for a moment. He'd long since figured out that the lights turned off when the sets were swiched for certain scenes. Sure enough, when he opened his eyes, dim lights were over a set of the interior of Yuki's apartment. Shuichi walked over to the set, scanning his mind for words, he was surprised to find neither a monologue or a song, only a stage direction telling him to sit on the couch. He did so, instinctively wrapping himself in the blanket sitting there, and stared at the actor of Yuki, who was gazing at the painted cityscape outside the fake window.

"I don't understand you," the Yuki actor said, toward the window but Shuichi understood that he meant him. "I am fine being yours. I'll be your lover."

The Yuki actor turned as a single piano melody began to play. Shuichi waited for song lyrics to come to him, but much to his surprise he found none. Instead, Yuki began singing.

"I know just how to whisper/And I know just how to cry/I know just where to find the answers/And I know just how to lie." He began to walk to Shuichi, who was literally frozen in place, both from the shock of seeing Yuki sing (actor Yuki or not) and from the fact that the show wasn't permitting him to.

"I know just how to fake it/And I know just how to scheme/I know just when to face the truth/And then I know just when to dream," Yuki sang, sitting down on the couch. "And I know just where to touch you," he sang, running his finger down Shuichi's cheek. "And I know just what to prove/I know when to pull you closer-" He pulled Shuichi toward him. "And I know when to let you loose!" He then pushed Shuichi away from him, though not violently, and got to his feet, walking back to the window.

"And I know the night is fading!/And I know the time's gonna fly!" he sang forcefully, hitting the blinds and causing them to fall and hide the fake scenery. He turned back to Shuichi, still with that firey look in his eyes. "And I know the roads to riches!/And I know the ways to fame!/I know all the rules/And then I know who to break them/And I always know the name of the game!"

He walked over to Shuichi, his face losing the fire, and sat next to him, almost whispering as he sang the next lines. "But I don't know how to leave you/And I'll never let you fall..." He tilted Shuichi's face so he was staring into his eyes. "And I don't know how you do it/Making love out of nothing at all."

"Making love!" an invisable choir sang somewhere off stage.

"Out of nothing at all..."

"Making love!"

"Out of nothing at all..."

"Making love!"

"Out of nothing at all..."

"Making love!"

"Out of nothing at all..."

"Making love!"

"Out of nothing at all..."

"Making love!"

"Out of nothing at all..."

Suddenly, more instruments joined the single piano, and Yuki jumped to his feet. "Everytime I see you all the rays of the sun/Are all streaming through the waves in your hair/And every star in the sky is taking aim at your eyes/Like a spotlight!"

He walked over to the window and pulled the blinds, amking them fall. "The beating of my heart is drum/And it's lost, and it's looking for a rythm like you/You can take the darkness from the pit of the night/And turn into a beacon burning endlessly bright!"

"I'm gonna fall away!" the background singers sang.

"'Cause everything I owned, well, it's nothing till I gave it to you!"

As a piano solo started, Shuichi found he could move. He tried to stand, but the Yuki actor pushed him back down, giving him a quick kiss before the solo ended. Then he walked back into the center of the set.

"And I can make the runners stumble/And I can make the final block/I can make every tackle at the sound of the whistle/And I can make all the stadiums rock!" He walked over and pulled Shuichi to his feet, causing him to drop his blanket.

Shuichi suddenly found words in his mind, and sang the next verse. "And I can make tonight forever/Or I can make it disappear at the dawn/And I can make you every promise that has ever been made/And I can make all your demons be gone!"

Shuichi walked back over to the couch, still singing. "But I'm never gonna make it without you/Do you really wanna see me crawl?" He threw himself on the couch, staring on the floor.

Yuki walked over to the couch and tilted his head back up, looking into his eyes as he sang. "And I'm never gonna make it like you do/Making love out of nothing at all."

"Making love!"

"Out of nothing at all..."

"Making love!"

"Out of nothing at all..."

"Making love!"

"Out of nothing at all..."

"Making love!"

"Out of nothing at all..."

"Making love!"

"Out of nothing at all..."

"Making love!"

"Out of nothing at all!"

"Making love!"

"Out of nothing at all!"

"Making love!"

"Out of nothing at all!"

"Making love!"

"Out of nothing at all!"

The music faded, and just as Yuki leaned in to kiss Shuichi, the curtain dropped, and the lights turned off, leaving Shuichi alone, sitting on the stage.

~Curtain Falls~

~End of Act 4~

Goo's Note- I am getting into stuff from episode 6 next act, so if you want to avoid spoilers I suggest you skip it or just read the parts about Shuichi. At this point I'll note that this fic is NOT about how the others are coping with Shuichi's accident, it's about Shuichi's musical, hence I put more effort into those scenes. (It might not seem like it, but dammit, writing a musical with full choreography in prose form is HARD!) The updates of the others' comings and goings are supposed to be "intermission" and to give you some idea of the time that's passed.